Friday morning

Yesterday it was supposed to rain but we saw nothing once the sun was up so the pots and and new plants had to be watered anyway.  I topped and tailed the gooseberries and open froze them for something at a later date.  I made a lamb and potato curry for our lunch which was a nice easy recipe and made a very tasty meal.  As the curry had potatoes in it I didn't serve it with rice but  nice pile of runner beans from the garden.

Mike had gone off early to get the car fixed and we are now £700 poorer as we had to pay for yet another compressor.  Now you know why we tried to avoid the Land Rover main dealership just crossing their threshold seems to cost you £500 minimum.  Anyway what is done is done and the car is back up and running as it should be.  This is always a difficult time as cars age so they begin to cost more money and there comes a point where a new car is necessary.  Hopefully we have not reached that point yet but we will have to make a decision as to whether to keep going and run the car into the ground or cash it in while it still has some value.

Now you may think I am quick to complain about poor service but here is a good story that is very impressive.  James had to send off some documents to a solicitor and to have them photocopied would have cost a king's ransom.  It was decided to send the originals recorded delivery which is what happened.  Almost by return of post the documents arrived back having been photocopied by the solicitors.  Now if they can be efficient then so could some other companies.  I refer of course to Scottish Provident who asked for his original driving licence and then promptly lost it.

Yesterday I was really lethargic and tired so I spent some time watching TV and catching up on things I had recorded and had never got round to watching.  I tend to record any channel which has advertising so that I can fast forward through the rubbish.  It also reduces an hours program by nearly half.  

With the car back up and running smoothly I will get the dogs out bright and early while my loaf of bread is rising.  We bought some nice venison grill steaks in Aldi so they will be on the menu for lunch with a big mixed salad.  I also took the time yesterday to peel all the potatoes and some have been cooked and vac packed so all I need to do is drop them in boiling water to reheat. Alternatively they can be blasted in the microwave either way they will be ready in minutes. The black specs are pepper and butter which I added to each bag.

I also need to get a fork in the ground and lift the last of the garlic as it is almost time to replant for next year.  I have lots of plants on order so a bit of ground work is needed so that I can plant them immediately they arrive and get them established before the winter sets in.

Well with a full itinerary today I had better make a start and get the bread underway.  Have a good day all......

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