Friday morning

Phew!!! yesterday was a real killer the temperature was up in the 30ºC for most of the day.  I had to take Mike to have his filling done and fortunately managed to park the car in the shade while I waited.  Our next door neighbours, who are in their 70s, decided to go out cycling.  Now that is just the sort of stupid thing that ends you up in casualty with heat stroke.  While taking exercise is laudable you do have to use a bit of common sense too.

For lunch we had a piece of turkey breast with a large helping of salsa on the side. We were all feeling completely washed out by the heat so for supper we finished off the salsa with a couple of pots of crab pate [Aldi] and a handful of galettes.  I fully expected to be starving later in the evening but the galettes worked their magic and kept me filled all evening. This crab pate would make an ideal filling for some ravioli once we are back on the straight and narrow.  If there is any left in Aldi I may put a couple of jars aside for later.  Sleep was difficult as not only was it very hot but also very humid.  I had had a good watering session during the evening once the sun had left the flower beds.  I have three nice lavender plants which I was going to plant but abandoned that idea; it was not the day for digging holes.  The last downpour we had had washed out a load of moss from the guttering so I occupied myself with clearing the guttering that I could reach and tipping a trug bucket of water into to the gutter to wash the remnants out of it.  The giant lilies are now in full bloom and I could smell them in my room last night the scent when you pass close to them in the evening is quite intoxicating.

According to the met office we can expect some rain this morning but I have learned that we frequently miss out on the rain so I am not going to take it into consideration.  Today is my day for tidying up the garden so perhaps I might get the lavenders planted if it is not too hot.  It is supposed to be cooler and fresher today so I am hopeful.  As yet I have made no plans for lunch and supper but I do have a jug of good chicken stock which may well get converted into a soup of some kind. For supper I still have some of the veal escalopes  and I think they will fit the bill admirably with a large green salad.    I do need to put my mind to sorting something out for tomorrows visitors and fortunately I have a victoria sandwich in the freezer so the addition of some cream and a handful of raspberries from the garden should make that a reasonable tea time treat.  I will also make a bit of egg and tomato filling for some sandwiches so we have a savoury treat as well.  I still have half a handmade loaf in the freezer.  I think I have all the ingredients for a nice enough tea time meal.   I may be a bit short of bread so I think I will make a loaf anyway as it can always go in the freezer until we are ready to introduce some carbs back into our diet.

Well I am off to get some work done while it is still cool and the heat saps my energy.  Have a good day all.


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