Wednesday morning

A wee bit later this morning I managed to stay awake a bit longer last night and so I am not up at quite so stupid a time.  We are beautifully cool here at 16 degrees and after almost a whole day of rain yesterday the garden is looking a little fresher.  According to the weather forecast we are in for more rain today which is no bad thing.  I managed to get the dogs out for a walk just before the rain started and left Dennie to do her own thing in the house.  

I made the compulsory galettes yesterday morning and decided to vary the flavours a bit, so to one lot I added some fake sugar and lemon zest and to the others I added some of my mix of coriander, garlic and ginger from the freezer.  The sweet ones go well with a cup of black coffee for breakfast but the savory ones are really very nice and a good accompaniment to what might be a bit of a bland meal.  For lunch we had a ham omelette with some pepper stew which I had boiled down so that it was nice and thick.  For dinner we had one of the Aldi steaks with some boiled cabbage not the happiest of combinations; a nice pile of chips would have gone much better but hey beggars can't be choosers.  No pain no gain and all those cliches.  All the time I am loosing weight I am relatively happy but I know that the going will get tough when the weight loss slows down.  

Shiona is coming over today and we had intended to go shooting but the weather forecast is against us so we will probably just chat.  She has been up in Scotland visiting her mother which has been traumatic so perhaps chatting is a good thing.  I bought a chicken from the butcher yesterday so that is what we will have for lunch along with a big mixed salad.  Dinner will probably be some soup of some kind.  All nice and easy.   Roasting a chicken in the halogen oven is by far the best way I have ever found and it takes about an hour.  I give it half an hour on its front then half an hour on its back and that seems to do the trick.  Standing time is also important which is again about half an hour. As I made a double batch of galettes yesterday I may get away with not making any today and we can use up what is left.  They only take moments to make so it is not a big deal if I have to make a batch. 

In reply to your comment Anne about the hospital now you will understand why I felt so strongly that they should be taken to task and made to face their inadequacies.   We stood to gain nothing but an apology, but what about all the elderly people who, as you rightly say, have no one to stand up for them or to point out the shortcomings.  Anyway, hopefully the government inspectors can shake them up a bit and sort out the terrible care.  

Well thats about it for this morning we have lovely sunshine at the moment but it is not due to last however I am going to make the most of what there is.  

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