Wednesday morning

Good morning all it is now a lovely 16ºC and I have flung open all the windows to flood the house with nice cool air.  After the rain we had yesterday we were hoping for a bit of relief from the muggy atmosphere but no such luck it just got hotter and stickier.  I spent most of the morning driving around Maidstone to get an expansion tank for James car and looking for a bale of straw.  I was looking for a complete bale tied up tightly which I could put in the chicken run so they could have the entertainment of tearing it to bits.  Sadly all I could find were bags of straw which would not serve the purpose so that will have to go on the back burner until I can source a complete bale.  Once we got home we had the salsa that we had made on the previous day by way of lunch and then tried to have a bit of a rest but it was miserably uncomfortable and hot.   We finally had an early supper of steak and courgettes.  I sliced the courgettes longways and put them on the griddle after the steaks were done and while they were resting.  To add a bit of flavour I put the resting steaks on top of the courgettes so that some of the juice drained down into them.  This was a really good idea and the vegetables were just right.  The weight of the steaks pressed the strips of courgette down onto the griddle bars and the heat kept them warm while they rested.  

Today I am hoping that the man is going to come and look at my door with a view to replacing it so that I can open and close it less effort.  On the cooking front I fancy some poached salmon with cucumber so that is what I am going to make but as yet I haven't been to the freezer to see if I have any salmon it may mean a trip to the fishmonger.  Talking of fish my biscuits that I made with the nasty herring fillets have been extremely popular with our four legged friends who also demolished the remaining beetroot which I had in over abundance.  I am not very keen on beets and in my box this week there was yet another bunch of them.  I think I may tin foil them and put them through the halogen oven in the hope that they are a bit nicer.  Actually I think it is the sweetness that I don't like.  I don't mind them so much if they are dressed while still warm with oil and vinegar but with the current regimen the oil is off the menu.

I got a fork in under the garlic and it is nothing to write home about this year the cold wet spring did us no favours in the vegetable garden.  The rest I am going to leave in the ground a bit longer and hope the cloves start to swell a bit.  

Today is my sort of day off though I am not going shooting it is far too hot for that.  I do however have various other chores to keep me busy.  It is bin day here so I need to get all the recycling out as well as the ordinary land fill type waste.  James is taking his car for a full service so hopefully that should sort out the misfiring.  Then the watering regimen will have to be back in action as yesterdays rain was nowhere near enough to make a significant difference.  The pots dry out really fast and of course the green house doesn't get the rain fall so that is a constant watering chore. According to the met office we are not due for anymore rain until the weekend.  We really could use several hours of rain to get into the ground which is like concrete.

I thought I would share my patent way of getting rid of bind weed with you.  I have some which is growing in the paved edge of the pond so I don't want to spray as I don't think the fish would appreciate it.  

What I have done is to collect it in a bunch and put it in a poly bag then spayed inside the bag and tied it up.  This allows the weed killer to stay in contact with the leaf of the plant and hopefully kill it right down to the roots.  I have used this method before when I had some in a flower bed.   I put in a cane and allowed it to climb up before removing the cane and doing the same poly bag trick which saves the surrounding plant from the killer spray.  Of all the weeds in the garden with the exception of mares tail I think bindweed is the most difficult to deal with.  I have a fair amount of celandine but I don't really mind that too much and it makes quite good ground cover.  Sadly Basso's coat is an ideal transport medium for weed seeds and as he sees it his duty to patrol the whole perimeter of the garden he is a great distributer of weed seeds.  If only I could train him to do some weeding!!!!!

Have a good day all and lets hope it is a bit more pleasant than yesterday.....
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