Wednesday Morning

Container of tumbling tomatoes

Hotter and hotter the weather is quite stable at the moment and the days seem to just be getting hotter.  Early morning is the only time I am able to get anything done before the heat becomes so intense that I am huddled indoors just trying to keep cool.

The juicer finally arrived late yesterday afternoon and we just has a small play with it to make sure how it all worked.  The first good thing is that most of it is dishwasher proof so that makes life a bit easier.  The pulp collection chamber is nice and large and they also suggest that you line it with a polythene bag if say you are doing carrots so that you can keep the pulp to thicken stews and soups etc.  I have decided that much of what ends up in the pulp pot will do fine for the chickens.  It does suggest that if you do apples that you also use some lemon to keep them from going brown and that the addition of a meringue top to the pulp will provide a dessert.  So far we have just had a test run and put through a raw beetroot and some grapes that were on the blink.  It made a very acceptable drink.  We are intending to start our juice fast over the weekend as I have Sandie coming tomorrow and Jane my previous cleaner is coming on Friday.  

Mark came and had had a good tidy up in the garden and he has pruned back a large photinia which was over hanging the pond.  He also brought with him a couple of bags of compost so that I can top up several of the pots which are in need.  The tomatoes I planted from seed and put in containers, as they are the hanging kind with millions of tiny fruits, are going like the clappers. 

Dennie did her usual stuff and the house is all nice and clean now.   I am doing washing as though it were going out of fashion as I cannot resist the good drying weather and with my electricity costing me nothing and no washing powder involved it doesn't feel wasteful.  I have a machine which uses the minimum of water 7 litres to be precise it seems a good opportunity to get everything cleaned.  

If you have been watching the news you will notice that our local hospital, Medway Maritime, is in the governments crosshairs and about time too.  I feel vindicated in kicking up a storm about the lack of care afforded to James.  What about all the poor folks who don't have belligerent relatives? The only hope is that things may improve now that they have been identified as a national disgrace. 

Today is supposed to be my day off from extra chores but it is far too hot to go shooting so I am just going to play with my new juicer and potter around the house.  However, I must go and switch on the water over the vegetables as they will be in need of a good drink before the sun and heat come up.  I am also going with James to see his therapist so that I can have a chat with her and hopefully be better able to understand his condition and how to be of help to him.  I was interested to see a program looking at PTSD in the military and the appalling lack of care provided for them.   Their expert commented that the longer it is left untreated the more difficult it becomes to treat.  The metropolitan police have really dropped the ball as far as this is concerned and both the human rights commission and the health and safety executive are now looking into how James was treated by them.  I am now very glad that I wrote stinking letters to all concerned as they will be on record.  The insurance company that have been giving him the run around have decided to return the premiums fraudulently taken from him but not before he threatened to get satisfaction by taking their CEO to the small claims court.  Finally things are beginning to move our way which is a relief after battling everyone for so long.  The insurance company in question is Scottish Provident so avoid them if you can.  

Well that about it time to hang out another load and go and water the vegetables.  Have a good day and if you are a heat lover enjoy the good weather.
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