Wednesday morning

The very strong sunshine has deserted us this morning and it is cloudy and overcast at the moment but I am sure that will probably burn off as the day progresses.  It is nice and cool at 14ÂșC with a gentle north easterly breeze.  Yesterday we drove up to Greenwich and the temperature difference was quite noticeable.  It was very warm until we came back home to where the estuary keeps us a bit cooler.  We are always a couple of degrees cooler in summer and a couple of degrees warmer in winter than those who live inland.  

Dobbies were selling these lovely hydrangeas so I just couldn't resist buying one but now I will have to track down some aluminium sulphate if I want to keep it a lovely shade of blue.  Once the flowers have faded I will plant it in the garden and hope for the best.  All my plants have two choices they can either live or die fortunately most choose life.  

In the oriental supermarket I had to be very restrained and confined myself to restocking soy and fish sauce but I did buy lots of frozen sea food which will come in handy for my diet.  Following on from Joys comment on the galette I had lots of coriander so I blitzed it with some ginger and garlic and added it to the galette mixture which made it really tasty.  Today I am intending to do something similar but with basil then top with tomato which is technically not allowed but I have some to use up and don't want to throw them away.  The first week is supposed to be only protein then in the second week you add in some vegetables avoiding all the starchy pulses etc.  I find the lack of carbs a pain but the galettes are very filling and make up for the loss.  The other compulsory part of the regimen is a 20 minute walk each day, well with the dogs this is no hardship as they are always more than happy to come with me.  Yesterdays poached chicken was a good idea as there was no crispy skin leave just white flabby stuff so no problem there.  I now have a pot of beautiful chicken stock which I will have for lunch with my tomato and basil galette and the remaining chicken.  

I am sure by now you have worked out that I am slightly crazy and to prove the point yesterday I ordered from the alternative meat company a joint of camel, yes you read that right CAMEL it is something I have never tried so I thought I would give it a go.  Watch this space and I will let you know what it is like it is supposed to be similar to lamb.

Well time to go and do some breakfast a meal I am not used to eating but needs must when the devil drives.  
Have a good day all

ps if you fancy a go at the galette the recipe is as follows:- 

1½ tablespoons of oat bran
1½ tablespoons of 0% greek yoghurt
1 egg

Fry in a non stick pan without oil

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