Tuesday Morning

It is stupid o'clock and I am wide awake so I thought I would get writing for a while then hope to feel sleepy and go back to bed.  Yesterday was a much better day weather wise there was a nice north easterly breeze blowing so it was not nearly so hot.  I ironed only half a dozen bits and pieces which has hardly made a dent in the pile but I am determined not to put too much strain on my shoulder.  I pottered about in the garden doing odds and ends and decided it was time to lift the onions which have been put to dry,  The crop this year has been poor but then I expect that with the cold wet spring and lack of manure on the beds there is a good reason for it.  In place of the onions I have put some courgette seeds in so I will need to remember to water them until they are well established.  If they all germinate I will have a glut of fruits to deal with but we are fond of courgette pancakes so I can make plenty and freeze them.  

Since my last diet purge I have gradually put on weight so the time has come to cut back.  I think I will put myself on back on the Dukan diet which worked really well last time but first I will need to stock up on the right ingredients.  The first week is a a protein only week which is quite hard but I do love protein so it should not be so difficult.  I will however miss the vegetables and carbs and I will have to make sure that I have the compulsory 20 minute walk each day.  To that end I took the dogs with me for a walk last night and found that I struggled to keep up the pace which just goes to show how fast you loose fitness.  I have an aim in mind as I will need to be back to fitness for the hunting season in October so that will give me a good couple of months to get myself back on track.  

Today we are having a trip to the oriental supermarket where I will restock on prawns and squid and some big bunches of coriander which I will blitz down with garlic and ginger ready to flavour various dishes.  I will also need to make a batch of oat bran galettes which also freeze well and are another compulsory part of the diet.  I am very tempted to get dressed and go to Tesco now and buy the oat bran and 0% greek yoghurt/quark so that I can get started.  One thing is for certain the shop should not be crowded at this time of the day so I will be able to get round nice and quickly. 

It is now 4 am so the shelves should be fairly well stocked to I think I will get going then if I am sleepy when I get back I can always go back to bed - Oh the joys of being retired.

Shopping done and it is 4.50 am chicken in the pot poaching time to go back to bed


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