Tuesday Morning

Yesterday, we were forecast rain around lunch time - well it got very dark but there was not a drop what we did have was some significant wind.  That was OK as it dried my washing quickly and I had got the dogs out for a run bright and early.  By lunch time everything was done and all the washing was in so I settled down to wait for the rain!!!! With all the wind the garden had dried out, so in the end by evening I had to have a watering session.  We had had our first picking of the little green beans, which I do pick small and tender, and a small handful of ripe tomatoes from the greenhouse. It is always so pleasing to start eating the fruits of your labour.  Now today the weather forecast is again for rain all morning clearing in the afternoon but as yet there is no sign of it and it is still dark. I did my usual stupid thing of falling asleep early so I am up very early again this morning.  

Today, for lunch we are going to have some sort of combination of ham, egg, peppers and tomatoes and for dinner one of the nice steaks from Aldi.  This diet, while very effective, is not cheap as it does need a lot of protein which is of course expensive.  You cannot bulk up with potatoes, pasta or rice so you do need it.  

I have been managing to stick to my daily cleaning regimen but today Dennie is due so the house will get a really good clean provided I have a major tidy up.  I have decided that the pond pump cleaning should be on my list of monthly things to do but as it happened I cleaned it out yesterday however from now on it will be on the list.  It is quite amazing how filthy it gets in a very short space of time.  Given the huge numbers of fish I suppose it is only to be expected.  I really do need to get rid of some of the fish.

I have one more set of bedding to iron then it is all done for another week.  James had a session with the physio yesterday and she was amazed at his progress.  All the work he has put into his exercises has really paid off.  He still has some significant problems with his pelvic nerves but he is managing to cope really well.  He has lost quite a bit of weight on the diet and this too will help with his mobility.  The less weight you have to carry the easier it is.  He did need feeding up when he was discharged from hospital but now is the time to stop and take stock.  A word to the wise here, if you have the misfortune to be admitted to a rotten hospital like the Medway then make sure there is someone to fill in your meal request.  On the days that I was not there at the right time the domestic just assumed as the card had not been filled in that he was not hungry and so no food was ordered. The fact that the card was placed out of his reach and he had no means to fill it in was not noticed. Given the amount of physical damage to his body he very definitely needed proper nutrition in order to heal but sadly he only got this once discharged.

The sun has now made an appearance and the sky is very red.  Red sky in the morning shepherds warning, so perhaps the rain is on its way.

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