Tuesday Morning

In answer to your question Anne yes I had seen the program and that is what provoked me into attempting the 3 day juice fast.  60 days is just too hard for a foodie like me.

As you can see we tried to get some shots of Basso with his cup

The wretched juicer still hasn't turned up so I am chasing the city link people who are supposed to be delivering it.  Hopefully today it will finally turn up.  In the mean time it is on with the Dukan regimen.  I am wide a wake at 1am so here I am scribbling.  We had the poached chicken with loads of salad for lunch and for supper I made a curry with no fat and the leg meat of the chicken.  It is interesting that once on the diet regimen my attitude to food changes, instead of it being a pleasure and a delight it become a means of refuelling.

Tomorrow I am intending to make a big pot of oriental soup with lots of sea food in it which should keep us going. The chicken stock is sort of oriental anyway as it has ginger and star anise by way of flavouring  and with the addition of some garlic coriander spring onions  and more ginger it should be quite tasty.  I think I will go and get the sea food out of the freezer now which will give it plenty of time to defrost for the morning.  Then I will try to go back to bed and get some sleep. 

 I finally got to sleep at a bout 2.30 am so I am up a bit later this morning but I now need to get going as both Dennie and Mark are due to arrive at 8 am.  At least I do have a bit of a head start as I did the watering in the wee small hours so that has already been done.  On my list of things to do today is hoovering and dusting but hopefully Dennie will do that.  But as you can imagine 3 hours per fortnight doesn't keep the house clean but it does certainly help.  I believe we are in for yet another scorcher which means I will turn into a pumpkin by mid-day when the sun is at its height.  

My vegetable box is due today and it is a salad box which will contain the following
  • bunched beetroot UK
  • celery UK
  • red & green pepper ES
  • cucumber UK
  • mixed salad leaves (may contain mustard) UK
  • cos lettuce UK
  • vine tomatoes ES
All of which will make some juice if the dratted machine arrives!!!! In the mean time I will make the days galettes which will see us through.  Apparently the oat bran swells to three times its size once in your stomach and so makes you feel full which is exactly what you want on a diet.  It also picks up and carries away some to the other food before it is digested so reducing the number of calories available.  Now in my book that makes it a super food!!!!

Well that it, time to get going have a good one.

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