Tuesday morning

Yesterday was a day much more to my taste the temperature was just right and though the sun only peeped out of the clouds now and again it made it perfect gardening weather.  Having watered the vegetable beds the day before the weeds were much easier to pull and today should see me complete the job.  

Having sorted out what we thought was a fridge problem the next thing to go wrong was that the front door bell ceased to function.  Fortunately, one of our neighbours teaches electricians and was happy to have a look to see what the problem was.  Was it the bell push, no.  Was it the bell mechanism, no.  It was the wiring between the two, now how does that break given it has a couple of coats of gloss paint over it,  Anyway, long story short, it has been rewired and it just cost us three bottles of beer.

According to the weather forecast we are in for a good morning but by lunch time the rain is making it way to us.  This suits me fine as I really only work in the morning 4am to 12md is in fact an 8 hour day so I shouldn't be surprised that I run out of gas in the afternoons.  Mark is due this morning so my box hedging will get its hair cut as will the bay trees.  I have a photinia red robin alongside the pond which has rather gone mad so that too is ear marked for cutting back.  It seems crazy that we wait and wait for things to develop and flower then we immediately start cutting them back.

My birthday bouquet is perfuming the whole house.  I really love the scent of lilies.

We were due to have Dennie today but she is coming on Thursday which actually suits me fine as I can continue with the gardening and the mess in the house can stay put for another day.  Food yesterday was all very easy and the salad nicoise went down a treat for supper.  Today I am doing saltimbocca alla romana for supper with a nice green salad.  A bit of preparations and moments to cook.  For lunch we will have toast and pate again no work required.  The veg box is due today so we should have fresh supplies to play with.

I managed to get a couple of loads of washing done and dry yesterday but the sheets are still waiting to be done and may have to wait until the weekend when we are due for good weather.

Well this wont buy the baby a bonnet so I had better make a start.  Have a good day all.

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