Thursday morning

Yesterday was another red hot day I took James to his CBT session as the doctor had asked to see me and I must admit it was a very constructive session.  If I am to support James through this difficult time it is important to me that I know what I am doing and this field is very definitely not my forte.  However, I hope that he realises now that I do have the strength to help him through these difficult times and that he doesn't need to worry about my situation.  

None of us were hungry at lunch time so we had a bowl of oriental soup with some shellfish and then for dinner, which we had much later than usual, we had a steak and some tomato salad.  Today Sandie is coming over so we have decided to have a rolled omelette with some ham in it and a mixed salad which should keep us going.  We had intended a walk with the dogs but I fear it will be just too hot for that and we will probably stay huddled in the cool dark rooms of the house instead.  Basso very definitely doesn't like the heat and spends lots of time spreadeagled on my kitchen floor with as much of his body presses against the cold tile floor as he can manage.  Just as well that I am not doing lots of cooking as he make a pretty big rug on the floor of my small kitchen.  

I stayed up much later last night so that I could do the watering and give the plants the whole night to absorb the moisture before the sun comes up and evaporates it all off.  We really could use a tropical storm and downpour to reinvigorate everything.  I confine my watering to the new vegetables and plants which are not yet established.  I sent to Suttons for some exotic plants and due to some glitch they have sent me 3 chilean guava plants instead of one.  I have planted one either side of the the new wisteria but now I will have to look for a place for the last one.  I haven't really managed to find out how tall they will grow the best I can find is that they make a small shrub - what does that mean? A final height and spread size would be really useful.   

Sandie would like my bread machine so I had better go and check that it is relatively clean and all the accessories are with it so that she can take it home and get straight on with some bread making.  I loved it to bits until I discovered that I made better bread by hand so that is now my preferred method.  Not that we are allowed any bread at the moment.  I must admit that the loss of carbs from our diet has not really bothered me as this is a very good time to just eat salad and meat/fish.  We are hoping to get started on our juice fast tomorrow but I will still keep the galettes on the menu as I think the fibre and protein are useful.  Anyway I will let you know how it goes.  The internet is stuffed with juicing recipes so we should not be stuck for ideas.

Ok time to get the ironing done before the heat gets up - have a good day all
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