Thursday morning

Not the best of photos but you can just see that the clematis is in flower so all the hard work of keeping the invasive plant from next door under control has given it a chance.

The weather here was perfect for me it was sunny but with a north easterly wind to keep it nice and cool.  Today I am off to Shiona's house where we are meeting up with a colleague from work who I haven't seen in years and we are going to have a girly/doggy day.  She has dachshunds so lets hope they all get on well.

Yesterdays diet food went well and the addition of some basil and garlic to the galette made a tasty treat.  I have been sharing my portion with Mike so for supper I made a galette with some grated courgette in it and had half with my shell fish soup.  The second half I will have for breakfast with some smoked salmon.  I find eating breakfast very difficult as it make me feel nauseated but I am trying to keep to the schedule.

We used to have an umbrella stand in the hall but it got smashed some time ago and so I decided to replace it curtesy of Amazon.  It arrived yesterday and I must say I am delighted with it, it holds all the sticks and brollies beautifully and fits in the corner really well.

Unfortunately the delivery arrived just as I was trimming Basso's second ear so he now looks a bit lop sided.  He was in a good mood and was allowing me to do the trimming which is quite unusual it is normally quite a fight.  Anyway I will give it another go today and see if I can't get him balanced up a bit.  

I have been chipping away at the ironing but the pile doesn't seem to be getting any smaller however my shoulder is much better so my restraint has worked.  I got through the day yesterday without the aid of any pain relief so it is definitely on the mend.  

Ok time for the dreaded breakfast then I can go and get ready to go out for the day.  Have a good day all
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