Thursday Morning

The garden was looking particularly nice after Marks vist so I thought I would take a few snaps to show you.  What you cant see is the small pond on the patio which has large rose behind it.  The rose was being smothered by a jasmin which had gone mad so I decided to cut it back a little.  Sadly it is really difficult to reach and I ended up balanced on the edge of the pond reaching the last few stragglers.  Well one minute I was there and the next I was in a heap in the pond.  The edging gave way and over I went.  In the process I managed to pull the muscles in my right shoulder, while I clobbered my head and left shoulder against the iron railing.  The bang on the head was enough to make me see stars but once I had extracted myself and dried off the damage was not too bad.  A few bruises and some wounded pride.  Fortunately, I had time to get myself together before my visitors arrived and off we went shooting.  

It was a perfect day for shooting, there was little wind, it was dry and the sun kept itself hidden behind the clouds.  I shot not too badly so I was reasonably happy.  Back home I had prepared a mushroom risotto and an insalata caprese which filled a gap.  Shiona and I had a trip to Aldi where I restocked on steaks buying 3 rib eye and 3 sirloins to put in the freezer.  I was beginning to feel pretty beaten up so we just had a omelette for supper but done according to a blog  I had seen; details as follows   Rather than making three omelettes you make just the one in fantastic layers.  I used ham but you could do each layer with a different filling which would make a really nice change.  Anyway sliced into three and accompanied by a slice of bread and butter from the newly baked loaf and we were all happy.  I took to my bed early as I felt in need of some rest but this morning I know that I had a tumble.  I hurt in place I didn't know existed but mostly my right shoulder which is pretty immobile.

The menu today will be the steak that I had earmarked for last night and with it we will be having  bernaise sauce, the reduction for which I have already made.  If I can persuade James to go to the kebab shop we may also have some chips to go with it.  The wonderful hurricane that is Dennie is due today so I had better have a bit of a tidy but the huge pile of ironing can wait until my shoulder feels a bit more comfortable.  Any gardening will be confined to waist high or hands and knees nothing too taxing.  Alternatively I may just go for a long walk with the dogs as my legs are fully functional and the weather is supposed to be improving.

Have a good day all I am off to lick my wounds and possibly get a bit more sleep........


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