Thursday monrning

Yesterday was so much better, at least we had a gentle breeze, and although the temperatures were up in the high 20's it didn't feel so terribly sticky.

Mike bought a nice piece of salmon which I poached for lunch and served with a cucumber sauce and oven roasted beetroot and for dinner, with an eye to the reduce carbs, we substituted finely shredded cabbage for pasta and topped it with a bolognese from the freezer. Other than a little pottering in the garden at dawn and dusk I did very little yesterday.  I was hoping the glazier would call but it was always a tentative arrangement and as it happens he didn't come.  James got his car serviced and it is now running smoothly on all cylinders so he is a happy boy.  After I had seen the weather forecast I decided to give watering a miss as we are apparently in for storms and heavy rain today.  Currently it is dull and overcast but no sign of rain yet and having just looked at the Met office site they are not forecasting rain at all today so who knows!!!!  

Today is my day for giving the bathrooms a good going over so that should keep me out of mischief for a while.  James voiced a fancy for crab so I will see if the fishmonger has any and if so we will have a nice crab salad for lunch. Picking over a couple of crabs will take quite a while as I am not the quickest.  For dinner I have some nice pork chops which I will grill and serve with a pepper and tomato stew.  No carbs and minimal fat so the diet continues and is having the desired effect so what more can you ask.  

Yesterday, when I was making the regulation galettes I decided to add some grated lemon zest and what a very nice addition that was.  I also had a bit of left over salmon which I blitzed along with a spoonful of the sauce and then piped into some hard boiled eggs as a sort of starter.  I have to be pretty bored to get the savoy bag out and start piping!!!!!! Anyway the tasty little morsels disappeared very quickly.  

Well that about it for this morning, very boring stuff, in this hot weather you don't feel much like doing anything.  Have a good day all.

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