Saturday moring

Tesco were selling off some orchids for a fiver so Mike couldn't resist and I have now two orchids in my collection.  I had a period when I was into streptocarpus plants and had about a dozen of those. Then, of course, there was the usual rubber plant period.  House plants are quite a tie so they gradually dwindled and now it seems that orchids are the order of the day.

Well how did we do on our first juice only day.   This is a real surprise to me we had one glass of juice for breakfast, one for lunch and one for supper,  now you would be forgiven for thinking that we would be starving.  Not the case, while I felt that I would love to eat something I was not actually hungry and there is a big difference.  What was difficult was filling the time that I would normally spend preparing and cooking.  I ended up in the garden doing the dead heading and a bit more pruning.  It takes very little time to prepare the juice and we usually wash up before drinking as it is a good idea to get some water over the parts of the juicer before they have time to dry on.  So far I have been putting the pulp out for the hens and they are very enthusiastic with our left overs. However the dogs were mortified and disgusted as there were no left overs or gravy for them to indulge in. The dishwasher stood empty so there was not even any solace to be gained there.  I couldn't resist a quick jump on the scales this morning and I am pleased to say that half a stone has gone which is great even if most of it is probably water.  I was quite worried that we would all feel desperate for a meal but we managed well and the fact that the weather is so hot is actually quite helpful.  We have not altered our tea and coffee habits as you are advised to drink plenty of water with the juice.  Anyway I feel much more confident about today and Mike is going to take a trip to Faversham and lay in a big supply of tomatoes which made up the bulk of our juices yesterday. Though I did go through 8 oranges 2 beetroots 4 carrots an entire head of celery 2 bags of spinach one bag of parsley and one of coriander and about 4 cucumbers, spring onions, garlic and a couple of peppers. You will understand that this is for the three of us but even so it was a considerable amount of vegetables.  Our lunch time drink closely resembled gazpacho and the evening one was just like V8 and was great with some worcester sauce splashed in it.  I think there will be a knock on effect of this regimen and that is that our stomachs will have shrunk back a bit and so hopefully when we resume a more normal eating plan portion control should be easier.

The object of the three day fast is to give your gut a rest as it has very little work to do as well as to loose a few pounds.  Today is set to be cloudy here in the east but we are already acclimatising to the conditions.  Yesterday afternoon I decided to have my usual rest but I felt cold so I walked out into the sunshine on my kitchen roof.  Idiot that I am, I had no shoes on and nearly burnt the skin off my feet.  The fibre glass of the roof was like a hot plate and I beat a hasty retreat to get my foot wear.

Byway of entertainment today I am intending to use up some nasty herring fillets from the freezer. They are more or less inedible as they have left all the scales on so they have been banished to the dog department and I thought I would munch them all up and add some flour and egg and make biscuits for the dogs.  It is also the day for feeding the tomato plants and cleaning out the chickens so that I remember.  

With this in mind I am off to skin a few oranges and prepare the other ingredients for our breakfast juice to which I intend to add a bit of fresh ginger for excitement.  Have a great weekend and if you have sun enjoy it in safety.

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