Sunday morning

All day yesterday it looked as if it would rain then in the afternoon there was a shower.  I had shot out and done all that needed doing so no problems for me.  By the time we got to 7pm I decided that I would have to water as there was no sign of the promised rain.  Having watered the garden I knew that that would provoke the rain and I wasn't wrong later in the night it came down heavily and doused everything.  Well at least it will only be the green house that needs watering for a while.  

For lunch we had a burger and salad.  Now as you know I am not one for ready made food but the burgers were venison from Aldi.  They were truly delicious and I would not hesitate to purchase them the next time I see them.  For dinner I made some meat balls with loads of basil in them and poached them in some of the tomato sauce from the freezer.  They were served with cauliflower instead of pasta or rice which was OK.  I couldn't resist the scales this morning and lo and behold another 1½ lbs gone.  

To complement the crocosmia 'Lucifer' I bought a bright yellow plant called John Boots and while I was having a shopping spree I bought a gnocchi board priced at £3 but when I checked the order they wanted to charge me £21 to post.  I immediately cancelled the order and went for a cheaper board which was not so expensive to post.  It did however teach me a valuable lesson and that is to check the postage on a multiple order from Amazon.

Today, we are having a real treat for lunch we are having some trout which were caught in the reservoir only the previous evening.  I will do them with the same cucumber sauce as I used on the salmon as it was quite acceptable. Beurre noisette and toasted almonds would be much better but not allowed.  Then for dinner I have a nice rabbit which I will cook with tomato and garlic.  This dish calls for the rabbit to be flour dusted and saute in some oil first.  This is a step that I think I will follow as it does make a big difference to what is essentially a very bland meat.  If I drain it off after this process it shouldn't add too much fat to the dish.  You can see that I am fighting the war on two fronts not only to lose weight but also go against the cookery skills I have learned over a lifetime in the kitchen.  That said, I am off to make a batch of galettes to see us through the day.  The sun is back out and the dark clouds have passed over so we may have a lovely fresh day.

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