Sunday morning

What a miserable day yesterday was. We were wreathed in clouds with a cool wind blowing keeping us at 17ºC all day quite a drop from 30+.  Not a glimmer of sun all day.  We lived the day on juice but come the evening I was shattered and we succumbed to a bit of grilled meat and some salad.  Today it is my intention to replace a couple of meals with juice and have one meal of poached chicken and salad.  I don't think the juice was responsible for me feeling grotty it was just coincidental as both the men felt fine.  However, they needed no persuading to have a proper meal.  I had spent the day fiddling around in the kitchen with box of tomatoes and some herring fillets that where not really edible.  The fish fillets ended up as dog biscuits and the tomatoes as tomato sauce.

The dog biscuits were just the blitzed herring and an egg and some wholemeal flour but the dogs thought they were fine.  The tomatoes I put first into a pan at 60ºC until they collapse which takes a couple of hours then through the mouli to remove the skin and major pips.  The resulting liquid is too dilute so back into the pan and reduce by half then finally through a fine sieve to remove the last of the little pips.  Now that the sauce is cold it can be bagged up and frozen.  The reduction phase would be eliminated if we had fleshy tomatoes like they do in Italy but ours are much wetter so it does need to be reduced.  In order to do the whole box of tomatoes I had to go through this process twice so you can imagine the mess and washing up.  Our breakfast juice was oranges x 8 cucumber x 1 and couple of inches of ginger.  For lunch we had a juice of tomato, celery, carrot, red pepper, cucumber, onion, coriander, and two large lettuces.  Then at tea time we had another juice of carrots, blueberries and apples and cucumber.  The quantities of fruit and veg that you need to make juice for three people is vast and needs to be done almost on an industrial scale.  The cucumber is needed to add a bit of liquid to an otherwise very potent juice.  The amount of residue is also vast and I only have 4 hens but could be feeding a dozen on the left overs.  I suppose I could freeze it as a treat for them at a later date.  The outdoor chores were all done by about 7am all the clematis were given a dose of epsom salts, the hydrangea was given it aluminium sulphate to keep it blue and the tomatoes both in the green house and boxes were all given a feed of tomato fertiliser.  

Today has started off just as yesterday dull and windy and a mere 16ºC so quite chilly in comparison to last week.  Although it looked like it would rain all day yesterday we never got a drop and frankly I would be most grateful for a downpour to give the garden a bit of a lift and cut down on some of the work.

OK I am now off to peel 8 oranges ready for the morning breakfast juice and I think I will make a batch of galettes to see us through the day.  If you are still enjoying the sunshine have fun.

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