Sunday morning

As you can see I am trying to encourage root formation on the shoots of the orchid they seem to be doing well but who knows where we go from here.

Yesterday was a hot one but we followed the continental rules of keeping the inside of the house as cool as possible.  We managed to keep the inside down to about 23 while outside was 30+.  It does seem crazy to slam everything shut but it does keep the hot air out.  Now of course with the temperature right down I open everything up and let the cool air flood the house.  

I managed to get all the outdoor chores done before the temperature rose too much but by mid day I was finished.  I finally finished the big pile of ironing and got rid of that even though my shoulder kicked up a bit that evening.  I waited all day in vain for my juicer to arrive but nothing came so we were stuck with the Dukan diet for the day. Amazon are usually pretty accurate with their estimated time of arrival.  I thought it might be a bit of a pain but as it turned out the men also want to do the diet so that makes things much easier for me.  Breakfast was half a galette with a poached egg.  Lunch was some tuna fishcakes with coriander garlic and ginger accompanied by some mushrooms poached in a little soy sauce.  Dinner was a rib eye steak from Aldi with which we had a tomato and onion salad and a big pile of spinach, and for dessert we had some raspberry jelly.  

Today I am going to have a bit of fun cooking the camel joint for lunch - I think I will treat it as if it were lamb and see what happens. First, however, it is galette duty as I am now making for three of us it will take a while.  I am always amazed at how filling they are and though I expect to be hungry I never am.  I make them in a small pan that way we get two each per day one usually for breakfast and the other with one of the meals in lieu of potatoes or other carbs which are off the menu.

My extra chore for today is to sort out the beds and given the heat I think we will all appreciate nice fresh bed linen.  It should be an excellent day for drying so the laundry is definitely on,  I am going to give the vegetable beds an hour of water now so that they will stay damp hopefully through the day.  I never water during the heat of the day as that just boils the plants.  Ideally it should be done at night to give the maximum time for the plants to absorb the water but I was too tired last night so it will have to be first thing this morning.

We had a fatality in the pond.  Some predator or another had one of the fish as the evidence was all over the bridge in the form of fish scales but as we have such an excess of fish I don't begrudge the odd one or two.  I think the most likely culprit is the Bengal cat from a couple of doors down.  He has been known to fish in the pond in the past however I have no evidence so I cannot attribute blame.  Innocent until proven guilty!!!!

Well thats about it for this morning I am going to make a head start on the laundry so I can get it all done before it warms up too much.  I will have to wait for the sheets as the men are still both fast asleep!!!!



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