Saturday morning

This white froth is a clematis but not the usual climbing type it is called clematis recta and grows rather like a shrub.  The only problems with it is that it cannot hold itself up and is inclined to flop all over the place so it does need staking.

Yesterday was another warm day by I am becoming acclimatised to the heat and it is bothering me less and less.  I got the dogs out for a walk good and early so it was still pleasantly cool and then on my way back I called in at the veg place and restocked.  For lunch we had the mixed fish soup and I have a couple of pints of the stock left for another occasion.  Then for supper I did some chicken and mushrooms the recipe.  It was one published in the Daily Mail which I found on the net and copied into my recipe file. It is basically just mushrooms, lots of them, and chicken breast but it does have one instruction that made me laugh "Brown the onion in a casserole dish in a little water"  If you know how to brown onions in water please let me know!!!!!  The dish was seriously lacking in flavour so I made a few adjustments.  The chicken breast might just as well be cardboard so I stuck it on the griddle pan and gave it a bit of colour before adding and I also added some dried mushroom for extra flavour.  In the end it was quite palatable but bordering on the bland..... What was missing was a nice pile of buttery mash to sop up the gravy.  Oh role on the correct weight when these things can be on the menu once again.  

I had a bit of a blitz around the garden dead heading and generally tidying up but we really do need some rain and if the weather forecast is correct today is the day we will get it.  As yet it is dry but very overcast so if I am clever I will get out and put some feed on all the plants which need it and let the rain wash it in.  I feed the clematis with tomato fertiliser and epsom salts as they are hungry feeders.  The tomatoes in the green house get fed once a week as do the outdoor ones in the window boxes.  Today is also my day to clean out the hens another job that needs doing before the rain comes.  

The menu today is some venison burgers with salad for lunch and then for dinner I have some very lean mince which I thought I would make into meat balls and cook in a basic curry sauce.  Cooking without oil seems to render the food a bit insipid so we are hankering after some real flavour.  I usually put some bread crumbs in meat balls to stop them becoming hard little canon balls.  To get around this problem I am going to substitute some of the oat bran which is allowed.  This is all very experimental so we will have to wait and see if it is actually edible.  The curry spices should add a bit of interest to the dish.  In place of the rice which should accompany the meat I am going to substitute plain boiled/steamed cauliflower.  This is the bit I hate about dieting and that is using ingredients which I know cooked well would be delicious but instead they are compromised for the calorie reduction.  Anyway enough whinging, time to get going on the chores before the rain gets to us.

Have a good one!!!!

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