Saturday morning

The first of the yellow water lilies is open so summer is really here.

Well today is Saturday so according to my new plan it is a day for watering the indoor plants, cleaning out the chickens and feeding the tomato plants.  I will also put some aluminium sulphate on my blue hydrangea.  Of course these are not the only jobs but they are those extra to ordinary living. While it is still cool I will also try and get a few more bits of the eternal and ever lasting ironing done.  

Now I said I wouldn't stand on the scales till Monday but I couldn't resist a little go and the first 3lbs have gone leaving a further 14 to go.  James has decided to join me on my weight loss quest as he has put on quite a bit of weight.  Exercise is difficult for him so he is left with food reduction.  It will be nice to have a diet buddy and we can encourage each other through the difficult bits.  

When I am stressed I do one of two things I either cook like mad or spend money well as I am dieting cooking is kind of on the back burner so I have had a little splurge with the shopping.  Do I buy clothes, shoes or expensive face cream?  No I buy a piece of kitchen equipment.  Now I know you think I already have every conceivable gadget known to man but guess what I don't have a juicer.  I am hoping it will arrive today in which case it will be a quick run down to the shops for loads of fruit and veg so we can have a couple of days of juice fast amongst the Dukan diet.  It will be a bit of a mix and match diet but hey who cares if it works.

Yesterday, we had some of the veal sirloins that I had ordered which I cooked very simply by frightening them with a griddle pan.  Mike had potatoes and broad beans with his and I had half a galette and whole bag of salad dress with salt and balsamic NO OIL.   Supper was a similar thing it was a shish kebab with loads of salad and no pita bread - so just grilled meat and veg.  If I am having a bit of craving for something sweet then it is the diabetic jelly which is essentially just the protein of the gel, water, no sugar and a few chemicals.  Now I will have to look up some nice recipes for juices.  One of the sites gives you a whole shopping list so that should make life a bit easier.  Anyway in the mean time I will do my duty and eat breakfast - galette and poached egg - washed down with plenty of black coffee then on with the ironing before the temperature rises.  

Have a good day all lets hope it is not too killingly hot.........
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