Saturday morning

Yesterday was one of industry in both the kitchen and the garden. Before the sun got up I got some water on the veg beds I have learned my lesson about watering in the bright sun and as the veg is not yet ready to boil I got going bright and early.   The fish monger had delivered me a filleted pollock which I skinned and divided into portion size chunks which I then egg and bread crumbed.   It made 9 nice portions three of which we had for lunch with salad and the remainder were open frozen for a later date. The skins I laid on a tray and put in the oven at 100ÂșC until the were crisp enough to shatter into pieces to use as dog treats.

The cost per portion worked out at £1.60 not counting the dog treats.  While I was in the kitchen mood I also made a big potato salad for supper to which I added some very crisp and crumbled bacon rashers.  And a loaf of bread was made cooled sliced and frozen so I hope I am ahead of the game.  

The it was out to the garden and clearing out the small pond.  We used the new dog bath as a receptacle for all the water and as a place to wash off the stones that line the bottom.   I gradually caught the fish and they have been put in a large tank of rain water which is behind the green house where hopefully they will be happy while we wait for the water temperature to even out and for some of the chlorine to evaporate. I need to keep a couple of fish in this pond if it is not to become a mosquito breeding centre.  The copper fountain was washed through and you can only imagine the amount of sludge that there was in the bottom.  However none of it was wasted and all the water was put on the garden with special attention to those plants which are not yet established.

The white film over everything is some stuff Mike put in to help clear the water - it didn't work - so today I think a go over with the pressure washer will sort that out.  

I had a bit of a trawl around on the net and found out that the new shoots on my orchid are in fact new plants and once they have developed some roots I should cut them from the mother plant and plant them up in fine bark.  I suppose they are a bit like strawberry runners.  Could this be the start of an orchid collection!!!!

With all the outdoor work i have left the kitchen in a bit of a tip so that is where I intend to start today you cant work in a kitchen that is in a mess.  The first load of laundry is about to finish so that can be hung out to dry.  It is 6am and I am already well under way with the days chores so once it gets really hot I can go and lie down in the cool.........

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