Monday morning

Wasn't it hot yesterday?  I did my usual trick of opening up everything early in the morning and flooding the house with cool air then as the sun got going it was a case of slamming everything shut and closing all the blinds.  This way I managed to keep the inside down to 22ºC while out side was 30ºc.  I did venture out to visit Dobbies for some garden bits but that was a major mistake as there had been some sort of hooha on the M2 and all the traffic was diverted to the A2 which was largely at a stand still.  I could have walked to Dobbies quicker if I had known.

I had a quick look at the butchery counter hoping for some inspiration but absolutely everything was covered in colourful slime. Lamb was bright green with some sort of mint thing and chicken and pork were covered in red slime.  I assume all of it is meant for the barbecue but it looked  most un appetising so I came away empty handed.  I did however buy a packet of courgette seeds which I hope will get going quickly if I plant them today and by early autumn we should have plenty of fruits.  I also bought some spot weed killer as I have an outbreak of bind weed in the stone edging of the pond which is going to be particularly difficult to deal with.  I managed to rid myself of this pernicious weed last time by allowing it to grow lush then stuffing it into a polytheen bag and spraying it with weed killer and tying the bag tight around it.  After a few months I found odd poly bags in the flower beds and wondered what they were.  I had completely forgotten the bind weed but it was all very dead and gone.  I am hoping that the same system will work for this outbreak but I have to be extra careful as I don't want the weed killer in the pond.

For lunch I made us some meat balls from a pack of sausages which I broke open and mixed with some crushed garlic and then added to some tomato pasata that I had in the freezer.  I rather over did the pasta so that got a couple of eggs added and was fried frittata style for supper so a very easy days meals. 

According to the met office we are in for a week of sun so I hope to get quite a bit of gardening done even though it must be in the early morning or late evening as I don't like the heat and hibernate through the hottest part of the day.  Gone are the days of baking in the sun the only way I can tolerate the heat is if I have access to a pool to cool off and believe me I have looked longingly at the fish pond on occasions.  I would love a swimming pool but for the few days of summer it really isn't worth the work or the expense.

I am pleased to report that my jarred shoulder is definitely on the mend so now is the time to be really careful not to over do it and set myself back to square one.  The big mountain of ironing beckons but I think I may limit myself to doing just a few items each day until I whittle it down.  It is very tempting to get stuck in and get it done but that would be foolish.

Did you watch the tennis?  I was quite ambivalent as I have no love for Mr Murray but I was glad he won for the other fans and I don't think I could have stood the embarrassment of him weeping all over the centre court if he lost.  Djokovic was so gracious in defeat and in his praise of Murray.  Anyway with their winnings perhaps they can both now afford a razor!!!!!!!

Have a good day all and I hope you are enjoying the sunshine even if the heat is a bit oppressive.

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