Monday Morning

Yet another weekend has come and gone and we have had some rain at last.  The scales are still on the descent so I am a happy person.  Below is a picture of the rabbit after I had jointed it and dipped in a little flour.  The bit of colour achieved in the pan makes a big difference to the finished dish so I was not prepared to skip this phase to avoid the extra calories.  

Lunch had been a quick affair: after all it only takes minutes to cook a fillet of trout and throw together a salad.  The rabbit was finished off with tomatoes and herbs and I served it on a bed of boiled white cabbage along with a head of giant garlic which had been roasted in the oven. Oh what I would have given for a nice pile of mash to go with this.

I felt tired and thought I would have a nice sleep in the afternoon but ended up watching two back to back episodes of Wallander which I had recorded.  Given that it is in Swedish, a language I don't understand, I had to read the subtitles which took rather more of my brain power than the usual TV so in fact it woke me up and I got no sleep at all.  I mention this because it has had a knock on effect.  I fell asleep just after 9pm so here I am up at dead on 4am.  It is still dark outside and everyone else is asleep.  There is a cool breeze blowing so it is an ideal time to get the ironing done before the heat of the day kicks in.  It is also a nice quiet occupation and will not even disturb the dogs.  Today is also my day for a blitz in the kitchen and there are several shelves which are thick with grease and could use a wash so they are in my crosshairs.  I got the majority of the laundry done yesterday but I didn't change my bed which I have left for today.  This does at least spread the load a bit with all the bedding.  There are a few jobs I would like to do in the garden but they are largely dependent on the weather if it is hot and sunny then they will not get done.  As yet I have nothing planned for meals for the day.  Mike purchased some aberdeen angus beef burgers from Aldi which we may have for lunch.  Then, perhaps, I might demand relief and have a take-away kebab for supper.  It is the one take-away that fits well with the diet as grilled meat and salad is certainly allowed though lamb is not strictly on the menu.  I am afraid that the pita breads are donated to the dogs bowls or to the hens.  

Just when you think the majority of the garden has done its stuff the wisteria decides to flower anew and the giant lilies are about to burst forth

I don't do any summer bedding as it is all too much work and I have my hands full with the vegetables, so my window boxes are filled with tumbling tomatoes rather than lobelia and petunias. The garden is largely down to shrubs and perennial planting so it is much more a case of cutting back than anything else.  The three bamboos that I put in last year are flourishing and I do enjoy the fact that they add movement to the garden in even the smallest of breezes they sway and rustle.

Well that about it for today time I got going with the iron!!!!!

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