Monday morning

Yesterday was another cool start but it warmed up in the afternoon with some sunshine so a perfect sort of a day really.  We had the regulation juice for breakfast but for lunch we had a chicken which in the end I roasted in the halogen oven with a giant garlic halved and stuck inside.  With it we had carrots and spinach but no carbs and supper was another juice meal so all in all we didn't do too badly on the juice fast but it was hard work preparing everything for the three of us.  The quantities  of vegetables for the three days was vast anyway I juiced the item for supper in order so that I could use the pulp to add to my chicken carcass and make into stock/soup which is what we will be having for lunch today.  The interesting thing was that after the first solid food you should have heard my digestive tract it sounded like a washing machine and I am sure it could be heard for miles it made so much gurgling.  Anyway today we are back to the Dukan diet which seems positively luxurious after the juice fiasco.  In all honesty we were none of us hungry on the juice and it will be easy to replace the odd meal with a juice meal instead which must cut down on the calorie intake.  I need to add here that we had no intention of detoxing as this is a term which makes me angry if you have a functioning gut liver and kidneys then you don't need detoxing because there are no toxins go get rid of.  

All the laundry got done dried and is now sitting awaiting ironing which I will do while we are in the cool phase of the day as I believe we are due to be back up in the the 30+ later in the day.  In anticipation of this I gave everything a good water last night so that the plants have had plenty of time to get hydrated before the sun gets going.  James was due to have his car serviced by a mate yesterday but unfortunately it got cancelled at the last minute however as he doesn't need the car every day it is not a problem.

Today is my day for giving the kitchen a blitz and it could well do with it there is stuff everywhere.  I believe it is Parkinson's law which states that work expands to fit the time allotted to it well there must be a law that kitchen surfaces fill with stuff no matter how big they are.   Or should that be mess expands to fit the space allotted to it.  Anyway a bit of a tidy and de-clutter is definitely in order.  

I sent off my renewal for my shot gun licence which is due in September and the firearms officer is coming round at 1pm to deliver it and check my gun cabinet so as it is in James bedroom he has had to have a major tidy up which is no bad thing.  

For supper tonight I have some veal steaks and I am in a bit of a quandary as to how to cook them as I would rather not ruin them.  Usually I would either egg and breadcrumb them or fry off in some butter but with the diet in mind both these methods are a bit calorific.  Placed on the griddle will render them dry as they are quite thin.  Any ideas welcome!!! This is the bit of dieting that I hate when I have a great ingredient and then have to ruin it to reduce the calories.  I think I may well reduce all the other meals and treat the veal with the respect it deserves.  

Well the sun is beginning to climb in the sky so time to get ironing.  Have a good all and I hope you don't have to swelter too much.

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