Monday morning

Another roasting hot day here yesterday but I managed to complete my outdoor chores before it got too warm it is one of the advantages of getting up so early.  The new work plan is working out ok and I am keeping up with the various tasks 4 machine loads of washing got done and the beds refreshed.  

Now I expect you are dying to know what roast camel is like.  Well, we were pleasantly surprised it is probably most like beef.  I cooked it as for lamb to medium rare 63ÂșC and while the meat was extremely lean it was quite tasty and would think that blindfolded you would think it was beef.  One thing it was not was tender it was quite chewy but not unpleasantly so.  In conclusion I would not rush out to buy more but I am very glad I tried it and I think it would stew extremely well.

We took the dogs for a walk in the woods as we hoped that would be cooler but Basso was very over heated by the time we got home so he was treated to a cool shower in the garden which took some of the heat out of him.  He was somewhat reluctant but once the idea of cool water sunk in he stood happily and let us shower him.

On the diet front, all is going to plan and so far we have not deviated from the true path with the result that I have lost a total of 5lbs this week which is very pleasing.  On the menu today I have a poached chicken which I did last night so that it would have time to cool down for use as cold meat for lunch today.  It is still sitting in its pot of stock so one of the first jobs is to skin and joint it.  I don't mind removing the skin from a poached bird but it would break my heart to take it off a roast one.  To me that would be like taking the crackling off a pork roast and throwing it away surely that is some sort of crime!!!!!!
As my juicer didn't turn up over the weekend I am hoping that it will arrive today and I can get going with some juice meals over the week.  We thought we might like a go at the 3day juice fast as any longer would be too hard.  The shopping list for this is vast and I think the greengrocer might think we have gone completely mad.  If this list is for one person imagine it for three!!!!

  • 12-15 Granny Smith Apples
  • 12 Cucumbers
  • 3-5 Beets
  • 1 Bag of Carrots
  • 3 Cups of Blueberries
  • A Bag of Grapes
  • 1 Bag of Celery
  • 2 Big Bags of Spinach or 4 – 6 Bundles of Kale
  • A Ginger Root
  • 5 Lemons
  • 1 Lime
Today is a general good clean of the kitchen and the ironing from yesterdays laundry extravaganza.  The kitchen is not too bad at the moment as the cooking has been limited.  I have also demoted the bread machine to the garage. One, to make space for my new juicer and two, I make better bread by hand. I may even go as far as selling it on eBay but that feels a bit radical at the moment.  I was also having a look round my gardening shed and there is loads of stuff for lawn care.  Now that we no longer have a lawn I was thinking to offer it to one of my neighbours before just throwing it all away.  

Well first things first I am off to make the galettes for the day.  I had a stoke of genius yesterday and added a chopped onion to some of the galettes which made them very nice and savoury to accompany the roast meat.  It is a good job that we have chickens as I am going through eggs at a rate of knots.

It is going to be another really hot day so I must push on with the chores as I don't want to be doing them in the heat of the day.

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