Monday morning

Yesterday I spent the most part of the morning in the garden. Absolutely everything is growing like crazy.  Many of the shrubs have finished flowering and needed to be cut back so that is what I did I also put an hours water on the vegetable beds which were too dry to weed properly so hopefully today I can get to grips with some of that.  By lunch time it was too hot to continue in the garden so I abandoned that and had a couple of hours rest.  We had had a nice piece of roast loin of pork with an assortment of vegetables.  I sliced the whole joint so there were slices of cold pork to put between slices of bread for supper.  Later in the evening an alarm started to sound on the fridge and do you think we can stop it?  It has screamed all night and is still going this morning.  I have no idea how to stop it.  I guess I will have to delve into the paperwork and see if I can find the original fridge instructions.  I have tried switching it off but even that has no effect.  I feel slightly bad as I have been discussing a new fridge and it must have heard me and gone into a terminal decline. Of course when does a fridge fail not in the cold weather but when it is getting really warm.  The high pitched squeal is quite irritating and will drive me mad over the course of the day.  

Problem solved it was not the fridge at all.  It was the kettle that was squealing and we have now managed to stop that.  What a relief to have located the noise and silenced it.  It just goes to show how poor our hearing direction finding is as the kettle is on the other side of the kitchen but the high pitched noise just reverberated around my small kitchen and bounced off the walls so it was really difficult to locate.  

We bought a sack of chicken food which cost us £10 and I am going to put the date on the feed box when I open the new sack so that I can estimate how long the feed lasts.  If we assume a month then in that time I will get approximately 4 x 30 = 120 eggs which makes the eggs 8p each and 48p a half dozen and under a £1 a dozen.  This does make economic sense even if you take the original £40 for the cost of the hens from the bill.  

There is no sign of the sun this morning it is heavily overcast so I expect we are in for a warm muggy day but at least I should be better able to stay outside and get on with the gardening.  It is lovely and cool at the moment and I am sitting here with the patio doors wide open and cool air flooding into the house.  

Being the first of the month I have a list of chores to do.  Meters to read and dogs ears to powder then all my knives put through the sharpener and bank statements to print off.  The laundry is also piling up so a couple of loads will need to go on.  I can see a busy day ahead but it will be nice to get all the chores behind me.  

Tomorrow both Mark the gardener and Dennie the cleaner are coming so the bigger jobs can wait for then.  I have a pile of left over boiled new potatoes so I am thinking of perhaps a salad-nicoise for supper tonight which will be nice and easy and just an assembly job if I can find a tin of tuna.

Well whatever I am going to do I need to get going before the temperature rises and I turn into a pumpkin.  Have a good day all even if you have to go to work!!!!

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