Friday morning

The Hostas are in flower but most of the leaves have been munched by the slugs and snails but some how they manage to survive and to flower.  Yesterday looked like it was going to rain for a large part of the day but it never did which was a little disappointing.  

For lunch we had a crab salad and it took me forever to pick the two crabs and get the meat out but it was really delicious.  The white meat is lovely and delicate but the real flavour is in the brown meat.  The shells together with some prawn shells I had in the freezer where duly put in the oven and given a good roasting before being covered with water and boiled to extract every once of taste from them.  I now have a pot of good stock from which I will be making a fish soup for lunch.  If rice were on the menu it would be a risotto but we are sticking to the Dukan and so no carbs.  Supper I made using the thermomix into which I put a tin of tomatoes an onion and two large peppers gave them a quick chop then put them on to cook.  This resulted in a sort of cross between a thick sauce and a vegetable with which we had a pork chop cooked on the griddle.  

Mike has been suffering with his chest in this hot weather with the pollen count so high but he was made even worse by the paint fumes coming from next door who are having the outside of the house painted.  I must admit that the fumes made me feel pretty rough and by the evening I had a monumental headache.  The thundery close weather didn't help matters much but I did get off to sleep and slept like the dead once I was out. 

Today my extra chores are a bit of dead heading in the garden and a general tidy up which if I do it now will not be to taxing as it is lovely and cool.  The soup will do nicely for lunch and for supper I am looking at doing a chicken and mushroom dish which I found on line.  We have already demolished the contents of the veg box so I will have to have a trawl around the shops.  We have a very nice sort of vegetable stand/shop with parking directly outside so I may well have a bit of a splurge in there and restock my larder.  Peas and beans are off the menu so I am left with a slightly restricted choice.  Fortunately there are plenty of vegetables around at this time of the year and green beans and salad items are all allowed as are the ubiquitous courgettes.   As yet none of the veg in the garden is ripe but we will get there in the end and I think we may well have things going well into the autumn as it is all so far behind at the moment.  

Next year I am hoping to have a decent crop of artichokes but the plants need to establish themselves first.  The raspberries are just starting as are the cultivated blackberries but fruit is also off the menu so I will collect them and freeze for a later date or maybe a juice fest.  Well first things first I had better go and make the days batch of galettes before heading into the garden.  The half stone I have lost is staying off so maybe it is not just water but the last half stone will be the most difficult.  The closer you are to your target weight the more difficult it is to loose the weight.  I would like to put a bit of exercise into the equation but in this hot weather I don't think it is a sensible idea.  Walking with the dogs is about as far as it goes an even they are not keen and would prefer to lounge around in the shade.

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