Friday Morning

First for Anne I got my juicer via Amazon it is made by Sage and is the one at the cheaper end of their range.  Today will be our first day of testing out the juice only day however I will still be making the galettes as I think  a] they are good for us and b] I think we may be very hungry.

Yesterday was a lovely day Sandie came with her dogs who get on really well with mine Basso is a good host and allows them to help themselves to his toy box.  Yoda is mad about balls and on his trip round our garden he found two of next doors children's footballs.  Sandie and I were picking gooseberries when we heard a great commotion.  Yoda had knocked one of the balls into the pond and gone straight in after it.  Now my pond has straight sides and he didn't have the strength to pull himself out so James hauled him out.  In the process the pond fountain and pump were knocked from their plinth.  We switched off the water system and then discovered that the base on which the pump stands had also been dislodged and vanished into the depths of the pond. It was decided that the best course of action was to let the water settle as it resembled brown windsor soup and we would then search for the missing part later in the day.

Lunch was a bit of a poor show as we were only having ham omelettes and salad.  Sandie had brought me a big bag of fresh lettuce from her garden so with a few additions lunch was almost complete.  I made the omelette for the four of us using the technique I had read about on one of the blogs where you make the first omelette and roll it to the right side of the pan then add the second set of eggs and ham cook and roll all to the left and repeat.  In the end you get a big omelette which is rather like a big sausage with layers of egg and ham rolled around one another.  This was duly divided into four and that was lunch.  Sandie had also brought me a bag of tomatoes which where very ripe so they have been put for two hours at 60ºC on the induction hob and today they will be put through the mouli to remove the skin and pips.  I learned a long time ago that if you smash up the pips of tomatoes with a food processor you make the resulting sauce bitter.  The same would apply to the juicer.  Heston advises that tomatoes are best cooked and I know that they are in fact better for you once cooked.  

After lunch we played around a bit with the juicer putting in the gooseberries we had picked then as they were too tart we started adding other item first a couple of apples and oranges then carrots and beetroot and finally a cucumber to increase the volume.  The final juice was quite acceptable but it took some playing around with to get it right.  The pulp from all this was then given to the hens who though they had died and gone to heaven not only was it all good stuff but it had been processed especially for beaks.

Sandie left at about three hoping to beat the school traffic home and James and I went to deal with the pond.  There was no chance of finding anything by looking so James volunteered to get in with the fish.  The pump base was found and all is now running smoothly and James is none the worse for his cooling dip in the pond.

For supper we had the last of the pollock I had squirrelled away in the freezer.  Then it was out to do the watering once the sun was off the garden.  This hot sunny weather is all very well but it does make a lot of work with the garden as it is so very dry.  While the water was doing the veg beds I spent some time with my Felco's dead heading the roses and other plant that needed a bit of chop back.  I bought mine when I was doing my horticulture course and it is something I will never regret.  I had been through every conceivable type of secateurs none were satisfactory until I got the felcos now I don't think I could live without them.  If you are into gardening then they are the only secateurs to have and I would recommend them to anyone.

We are starting off the day at a very pleasant 16 degrees so I am off to the kitchen to make the galettes and start making juice!!!!!!
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