Friday Morning

What a lovely day I had yesterday and the dogs had a blast there were 6 of them with two dachshunds two west highland whites and my two and fortunately they all got along famously and spent a large part of the day charging around like lunatics.  Our colleague from work is heavily into spinning and she brought both a spinning wheel and a drop spindle so that we could have a go with the various types of fleece she had available. Believe me it is all much harder than it looks. The weather started off quite cold but as the day progressed and the sun made an appearance it warmed up. Shiona had made a lovely salad nicoise which we had for lunch and Sue had brought a banoffee cake from M&S which I avoided for dietary reasons.  I am going to try and avoid the scales for at least a week but I must admit I had a go this morning and have lost 2lbs so far so all is going according to plan.

Before I left for Shiona's house the meat arrived and I have tucked it all in the freezer but I am thinking of taking out two veal sirloins for us for lunch today.  However, first I have to face the dreaded breakfast so I am thinking that half a galette with a poached egg might fit the bill.  I have a kilo of new potatoes and have decided to boil them then vac pack them so I can feed them to the men as and when necessary.  As part of my plan I am intending to do a either a 3 or 7 day juice fast which I hope will also help get the weight off quickly and will certainly do me no harm.  

I did a bit of ironing yesterday and my shoulder is complaining so today will be an ironing free day and it will just have to wait.  The weather is again quite cold at 13ÂșC so it is back to long sleeves.  The garden is as dry as a bone so I will need to spend some time with the hose giving everything a drink especially the newly planted items which are not yet established.  The tomatoes in the green house are going mad so they will need a feed again this is a once a week job so I really need to allocate a day so that I remember.

Saturday is water the house plants and clean out the hens so perhaps that would be the day for feeding the green house.

Sunday is bed changing and laundry weather permitting.

Monday will be weigh in day and thorough kitchen clean and ironing.

Tuesday hoovering and dusting and de cluttering

Wednesday shooting or other enjoyable activity put out the bins clear dog poo

Thursday bathroom and toilet cleaning

Friday dead heading and general garden tidy

Monthly is dogs ears, gas and electric meters, bank accounts

This seems like a good plan but I know what I am like great at making plans but rubbish at carrying them out.  Anyway I am going to give it a try it might not last too long!!!!!


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