Friday morning

Here we are again at stupid o'clock, I slept fine but did drop off at about 10pm so it is not really surprising that I am awake now. 

The wonderful Dennie came yesterday so the house is pristine which always makes me feel better.  The mountain of ironing is still waiting but I really didn't have the arm power to get it done.  My right shoulder is still very painful but I am hoping it is just pulled muscles which will right themselves in time.  Being right handed it is a bit of a pain, however, it is a good excuse to leave the ironing for a while.  

Now any ideas as to what is occurring with my orchid as you can see all the flowers have faded but I have some brand new growth on the flowering stems which I didn't cut back.  Being a total novice, where orchids are concerned, I have no idea what to expect anyway I will keep a close eye on developments and see what happens.

Yesterday's lunch was rather sumptuous as we had the sirloin steaks with the bernaise sauce - WOW what a lot of butter.  Anyway, as there was plenty left over when I was struck with a sudden urge to make cheese scones.  I discovered that split open and filled with the cold sauce was a rather delicious treat.  I dare not even think what the calorie value would be but I think probably enough to keep me going for a week.  Today will need to be something lighter and less calorie ladened.  The fish monger delivered some nice pollock fillets so it may be fish and salad which might redress the balance a little.  I also need to make another loaf as the last one took a bit of a hammering and we are running low.  There is one serious drawback to home made bread and that is that it is worth eating so that is exactly what happens.  

Now on to the solar panels we got our cheque from the feed in tariff people yesterday and when I had a tot up of just how much money we have made from them since installation it is in excess of £4,000 which has easily covered the cost of all our fuel.  This has turned out to be a very sound investment and the price per kilowatt hour has increased from 45p per unit to to 46.81p which doesn't sound like much but makes quite a difference.  Using the induction hob has cut the gas consumption to some extent and it seems like a good idea to use the free electricity while the sun shines.  I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised as we have not had the most sunny weather between March and June.  The next quarter is from June to September which should be the biggest of the year. 

Well that about it for this morning time I got the bread on or it will hinder me for most of the morning while I wait for it to do its thing.  Have a good day all and lets hope we are in for a really good weekend weather wise.

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