Wednesday morning

Another cloudy and over cast day again today which is disappointing after the wonderful day we had yesterday.  The laundry got finished and so did some of the gardening.  Of course gardening is never finished but it is always pleasing to get some of it done.  I started the day by having to drive down to the library with a set of jump leads and start James car.  The battery had finally given up the ghost so once it was going it was a case of going to Quick fit and getting another battery.  Considering the battery was the original manufacturers one it had done very well but it has been playing up for a while and finally died.  

I made some devilled eggs [Simon Hopkinson] for lunch which we had with some stuffed grilled tomatoes and the chicken drumsticks were put to soak in a mixture of maple syrup, soy and Worcester sauce, and a crushed clove of garlic.  The whole thing was then put in the oven to cook and get brown and sticky then it was served with plain boiled rice and a mixed green salad.  Early on I had put a pot of bolognese on which festered all day in the slow cooker and this morning I am going to make a lasagne.  The white sauce of course being made in the thermomix.  I must admit that I do give even the 'no boil' lasagne sheets a quick boil as the sauce is not wet enough to cook them properly.  

Shiona is coming over today and we are hoping to catch some of the smaller fish from our pond which she is going to take and put in her huge pond/lake.  It sounds easy enough but from past experience I know that the fish are very wary and are more difficult to catch than the hens.  I think this is probably because they are more intelligent.  When you consider that chickens were brought here by the romans and wander freely around farm yards why have they never successfully gone back to the wild like other introductions such as pheasants and rabbits.  Draw your own conclusions!!!!

Let me clarify my outburst on vegetarianism yesterday, I have no problems with those who chose not to eat meat for religious reasons or because they don't like meat. After all I don't eat what I don't like.  My beef is with those who think that their hands are not blood stained and that some how vegetables are grown without any harm to animals and then take a holier than thou stand about it.  I do at least eat the animals who have sacrificed their lives but I draw the line at slugs!!!!!

Sorry this blog has been so late but I slept in this morning which is a miracle anyway have a good day all 
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