Wednesday morning

Mother blackbird sitting in her rather poorly constructed nest which is perched in the the hydrangea petiolaris which is just above the garage back door.  This door is in constant use but she seem completely unabashed by the frequent comings and goings.  Last year they built in exactly the same place only to have all their offspring killed by next door but one's cat.  I hope that this year they are more successful and maybe the dogs will keep a better eye out for the marauding cat.  

I managed to get some of the weeding done but it was a much bigger job than I though so I only managed to get part of it done before the weather turned and it started to rain.  Not heavily but enough to make it unpleasant.  The left over chicken and ham got added to some risotto rice along with some mushrooms which had seen better days - it was a bit of muddle but it tasted ok and certainly filled a gap.  For supper we had some mackerel fillets which had the pin bones replaced with gremolata [parsley, garlic and lemon zest] then on to a hot griddle.  We had a green salad and a cucumber salad to accompany the fish.  It was a light meal but very tasty and hopefully some of our oily fish quota.

We picked up the sleeping bags from the launderette and I was absolutely delighted with the results they were pristine clean and the big tea stain on one had completely disappeared.  They have now been packed up ready for the next time we go to the caravan.  While chatting on the phone to a friend she suggested that a voucher for a holiday wash might make a good present for someone as that is always a bit of a pain when you get back from holiday.  Imagine just dumping the whole lot with the nice ladies and collecting it all done the next day.  I would think that would round a holiday off rather nicely.  I am certainly going to bear it in mind for future use.  

As the sun gradually comes up I can see that today is not looking too bright we have quite a wind blowing and the sky looks very threatening so I think the predicted rain is on the way.  I must admit that I am not too unhappy about this as the vegetable beds could use a good drink and I will be let off weeding for a day.  I did however manage to save £150 on the car insurance which is due this month but what a pain it is negotiating with the various companies I can quite see why people can't be bothered to change companies and just pay the bill.  I had intended to roast a leg of lamb today but I forgot to take it out of the freezer last night and I don't think it will be ready until tomorrow so I will have to rethink my menu for today.  It sounds extravagant to have a roast mid week but the lamb was half price and given how many meals it will make it actually works out quite cheap and I do prefer my shepherds pie made with roast lamb rather than minced raw lamb.  I have plenty of bolognese sauce in the freezer so one of those will do for lunch today. 

Well thats about it I am not sure if Shiona will pop over today she usually does on a wednesday but I have not heard from her so I will just wait and see.................... 


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