Tuesday morning

Best Buddies with Bones

What a miserable day it was yesterday the sun never peeped through the clouds until about 5pm but this morning looks much better.  

I had a lovely surprise when a friend phoned, out of the blue, to ask if she could come for coffee.  I was just out of the shower so I was delighted to have her visit and we had a good old chin wag.  This meant that my plans for the day got put on hold.  Part of the laundry got done but I still have one load of whites to put out this morning.  James had a dental appointment which was going to involve removing a broken filling so we decided that scrambled eggs would be an appropriate meal for someone with a anaesthetised mouth.  The Japanese chicken was put on hold for supper and what a joy it was.

The recipe is as follows: cut up boneless skinless chicken thighs into bite sized pieces then make a thin batter with flour, crushed garlic, slat and pepper and water.  Then season the chicken and dust in flour, dip in batter and deep fry at 180Âșc in batches.  Serve with sweet chili sauce and a big green salad.  Not exactly diet food but very tasty.

Incidentally I dispose of the excess oil from frying by pouring it over my compost heap, after all it is vegetable oil, and by some miracle of nature it disappears completely and it saves blocking up the drains.

Today I have the chicken drum sticks to deal with and I am in a quandary as to wether to make them into a chicken alla cacciatora or do them with maple syrup and soy sauce in the oven.  I also have the makings of a pot of bolognese as I have used up most of what was in the freezer and I may well make a lasagne for Wednesday when I am expecting visitors for lunch.  I usually make the bolognese in the slow cooker once everything has been fried off.  I never got round to doing any gardening but it was so windy and miserable I was happy to stay indoors.  Today I may get round to doing a bit more as the sun is shining.  Half the forsythia has been pruned back but there is plenty more to be done and the flowering currants also need to be pruned so that should keep me out of mischief for a while.

Since my purge of shooting the feral pigeons they have left our garden and gone elsewhere so we now have the little birds back and the garden is awash with tits, sparrows, wrens and all manner of small birds who are keeping the plants clear of caterpillars and green fly.

Yesterday, I was reading a blog by a rampant vegan vegetarian and I was just wondering if they have any idea how many animals are slaughtered to save the vegetables.  Pigeons are shot in their thousands not to mention rabbits and deer then of course there are all the invertebrates that munch on the greens.   They don't eat eggs and I wonder if they realise that hens lay eggs and then take no further interest in them.  As yet I have not had a hen go broody and as I don't have a cockerel the eggs would just rot or be eaten by rats.  I sometimes think these people live in cloud cuckoo land and have no comprehension of what is involved in food production.  OK end of rant!!!!

Time to get the washing out on the line and make the most of the sunshine.  Have a good day all...
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