Tuesday morning

Here is an example of a gardening mistake.  The tree peony that was planted a few years ago has become a "triffid", and is in danger of engulfing the whole garden.  I have been dithering about what to do about it and have now decided that it has to go.  We have tried cutting it back but is just grows back lager than ever.  In its place I am going to plant a deep purple wisteria against the fence which I hope will be better behaved.  

While watching the TV the other evening I came across a cookery programme by Simon Hopkinson who I like as a cook.  He made several dishes that appealed to me but I actually had all the ingredients to make a proper prawn cocktail so that was immediately put on the menu for lunch.  It is one of those dishes that has been so badly made, so often, that its reputation has become tarnished.  However, I made the sauce from scratch and served it with lovely homemade bread and butter and it was a real delight.  I also made preparations for a trifle which will be on the menu as soon as my raspberries are ready but I have at least made the sponge and put that in the freezer in anticipation.  

Today is going to be busy with Denny coming to do the house and Mark to do the garden so once they are both settled I think I am going to abandon ship and take the dogs for a walk and then swing by the garden centre and pick up a few bits and pieces that I am lacking.  I think it is a bit easier for Denny if the dogs and people are out of the house and she has a clear run so to speak.  Mark and I usually walk the "estate" and discuss what needs doing after that he is happy to get on by himself.  I think getting that peony out will take a while.  I really should make a loaf but that will get in everyones way so I will have to buy one in Dobbies while I am there.  I never seem to keep up with the bread consumption in this house and always seem to be playing catch up.  I suppose if I had any sense I would make a couple of loaves and get them in the freezer to give me a head start.  The other culinary delight I want to make is Gnudi which are like ravioli without the pasta and served with browned butter, fried sage and a sprinkle of parmesan.  However, they take 2 days to make as the little ricotta balls need to sit overnight in the fridge before cooking so they may have to wait for later in the week when I have more time.  I do love it when my cooking gene is kicked into action and I am itching to make things rather than scrabbling around not know what to do.  Having said that I have no idea what we are going to have for either lunch or supper today!!!  It is going to have to be something quick and easy if I am out all morning so perhaps a spaghetti carbonara and salad would fit the bill for lunch.  For supper I fancy Gratin de Jabron, which is like dauphinoise, and would go really well with a couple of grilled lamb chops and a handful of watercress.

One thing is for certain sitting here typing isn't going to buy the baby a bonnet so I had better get myself going and make a move - well perhaps just one more coffee!!!!

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