Tuesday morning

This photo was taken moments ago as you can see it is dull and overcast but talk about 40 shades of green!!!  Everything is just bursting forth with new leaves and fresh growth including the weeds.  

Yesterday morning was largely taken up with the visit to the dentist which for me was just routine but poor old Mike is in for a filling in July.  I did however manage to make the pies which turned out really well and was a great way of using up small amounts of chicken and ham.  The stuffing lid instead of pastry worked really well and gave an extra dimension to the flavour.  They are however dry in texture rather like a pork pie and so need something wet to accompany them.  For lunch we had a pie and a tomato salad and for supper we repeated the process this time with the addition of some avocados to the remaining tomato salad and a red bean and rocket salad.  The short crust pastry was made in the thermomix until the water was added which I prefer to do by hand as I can judge the constancy better.  For dessert we had some of the rhubarb from the garden cooked with some stem ginger and dressed with a splash of double cream.  I don't add any sugar as I like it quite tart.

I had a little chuckle last night while listening to the news of how the Americans are monitoring the internet I do hope the CIA are getting some ideas for their lunch from my blog!!!!!! Can you imagine the amount of dross they must be wading through in the hope of finding something interesting.  Let's hope that our recipes are acceptable and don't lay us upen to a drone strike!!!!!

On to good news now, James had an appointment with his physiotherapist yesterday who was absolutely amazed at his progress and has now passed him on to colleague who specialises in muscle strengthening.  That he is walking almost normally is a testament to the effort he has put in and the amount of pain he has had to endure to get this far.  

I still have some left over chicken which I think may get added to some sort of pasta dish today or maybe a risotto as I have litres of chicken stock available.  I still haven't got round to doing the weeding and with the weather about to change to rain I had better give it go today.  One of the better things about weeding is that I throw them into the chickens who like a bit of greenery and once processed through the hens there is no chance of weed seeds infesting my compost heap.  Chicken manure is a great fertiliser so it is a win win situation.   I suppose indirectly we too are eating the weeds in the form of eggs. 

Have a good day all ........


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