Thursday morning

Black elderflower in full bloom with lovely panicles of pink flowers

Yesterday was another warm dull day with little by way of sunshine until the late afternoon.  Shiona came over and brought me some asparagus and a punnet of strawberries picked that morning on a farm local to her.  She also brought me some venison liver which she had accidentally defrosted.  We set to and took the dogs for a nice walk in the woods then got stuck into the lasagne that I had made. It was a good portion and followed by strawberries and cream it made a very adequate meal.  We then had a go at catching some of my fish for her to transfer to her pond but as usual it was an abortive attempt.  The fish know just where to go and hide and you don't get much of an opportunity to scoop them into the nets.   We failed miserably not a single fish did we catch.

Having eaten such a good lunch we just had a slice of beans on toast for supper which was fine as none of us were hungry.

Today I had planned more gardening but Sandi has been having trouble with her iPad which has died so we are going to go to the Apple shop at the Bluewater shopping centre and see what can be done.  She is going to pick me up on her way through and we are going to have a bit of a girly day shopping.  I need to go to M&S and purchase some new knickers, there comes a point when you really do have to buy new underwear!!!! and I have reached that point.

You may be interested to know that I am still doing laundry with me eco egg and have found it to be as good as soap powder.  The washing seems to be just as clean and I have not noticed any significant difference except the price.  Were we to have drought conditions again I could use all the water from the machine to water the garden as it contains no harmful chemicals.

I have just made some farinata which has just come out of the oven and tastes rather nice.  And when I came back from the kitchen there was one of the fledgelings from my blackbird family trying to get into the house through the patio doors.  I am glad for the parents who have been working so hard collecting food from morning until night and after last years tragic loss they have at least managed to raise one chick successfully.

And on that happy note I am going to go and get stuck into the ironing and hope to have it all finished before the men emerge from their beds.

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