Thursday morning

Phew what a scorcher!!!  We spent yesterday at Shiona's house where it was pretty hot so although we had decided to eat out in the garden by the time it was time to eat we had already changed our minds and decided to eat indoors as it was too hot. Shiona had made a lovely chicken salad [Recipe by Simon Hopkinson] which we had with lovely crispy baguettes and instead of dessert we moved on to a couple of cheeses which we demolished.  By way of entertainment we decided to bath the dogs so the newly acquired bath was filled with tepid water and four out of the five dogs were duly put through the bath.  Jack the oldest dog who is a 14 year old collie was allowed off the hook due to his great age.  As usual Basso was very reluctant to get in the bath but once in the water he stood looking miserable and allowed himself to be shampooed.  We also tackled his beard and moustache which had areas of matted fur which in the end we removed with scissors so at the moment he looks a bit as if he had been chewed by rats.  Actually I think the dogs all appreciated the cool down of being wet and ran round the garden drying off.  We left our return journey until after rush hour as we had to drive through Maidstone the county town which gets pretty choked up at rush hour.

The promised thunderstorms have not materialised and so hopefully Sandi will be coming over today.  I had in mind to make a lasagne for lunch to have with a tossed green salad so if I am to get that done I will need to get a move on.  The bolognese sauce is in the freezer but I need to make some pasta sheets and the bechamel can be made in the thermo which should cut down on the amount of time it takes then it is just an assembly job.  I also need to get a loaf of bread on as we are completely bereft of bread.  

The sky looks very overcast but at least it is a bit cooler today and we are down to 15 degrees this morning which is very pleasant.  I must admit I am no longer one for the heat it just makes me feel ill and all I want to do is lie in a heap.  So before I get to that stage I am off to the kitchen to get things underway.  
Have a good one!!!!


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