Thursday Morning

Have we had summer, did I blink and miss is?  We seem to have gone directly to autumn with rain and gales.  Silly me of course not it is just revving up for Wimbledon.  

Yesterday was a bit of a non day I was desperately tired after a couple of bad nights and very early mornings so I was not firing on all cylinders.  I made a loaf of bread which decided to stick in the tin and so the top broke off rendering it pretty useless except for bread crumbs.  Thank goodness I had decided to have spaghetti bolognese for lunch with an assortment of salads.  There was little that I could mess up with that and besides I had Shiona supervising me.  She had got in a bit of a muddle with her crochet so needed my help to sort it out.  After lunch we took the 4 dogs for a walk and managed to avoid the rain.  Then on the way home we made the obligatory pass through Aldi.  They are now selling what looks like very nice mature steak at very reasonable prices so Shiona bought a fillet and is going to let us know what the quality is like.  She also brought me a bag of asparagus gleaned from an orchard which had once been asparagus beds.  It is of multi sizes so I think it will be ideal for some soup and as I have some good chicken stock in the fridge that should take no time at all.  The leg of lamb has finally defrosted so that will get roast for lunch and cold meat for supper.  Then it will be on to the shepherds pies.  

Needless to say the weeding got put on hold yet again and today it looks like it will have to wait again but at least with the overnight rain I will not need to water the veg beds and the green house got done last night.  I tend to water in the evening so that the sun doesn't immediately dry out the ground.  I know what you are going to say "what sun".  Well that the theory anyway.  

I need to get my act together today after a couple of days feeling a bit under par the kitchen is now in a bit of mess and the laundry is pile higher and higher so I need a bit of a blitz all I am missing is the energy but a few cups of strong coffee should put that right.

Have a good day all and I hope you didn't have outdoor plans for today.
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