Sunday Morning

First let me thank all of you who sent me good wishes for my Birthday I had a wonderful day doing precisely what I wanted when I wanted.  James had bought me a huge bunch of white lilies which have perfumed the whole house.  My long to do list was abandoned for a day and though I had pangs  of guilt I didn't do anything that I considered work.  I did however play around in the kitchen and made the fried aubergines which we had with some cold asparagus and garlic mayonnaise.  I then had the oven going for a loaf of bread so when that came out in went some cheese gougères which are essentially cheese profiteroles. I love making choux pastry as it always amazes me that it works in any other context if you throw a quantity of flour into hot liquid you get a mass of lumps but some how this doesn't happen and I never cease to wonder at how it becomes a lovely smooth dough.  I used Gruyère cheese which gave them a really nice flavour and made the recipe in the thermomix using the quantities from the Simon Hopkinson recipe.  

Later in the afternoon one of James friends came round to show off a brand new Mazda car and as luck would have it there was a batch of gougères ready to have with a cup of tea.  Supper came in the form of a take away from the local Chinese.  The portions were so huge that the dogs have got a Chinese for breakfast as it was much more than we could eat. 

Today, I am back in the traces and I need to get to grips with some of the weeds in the vegetable garden which is looking pretty neglected.  I also still have some artichokes to plant out which I hope will fill one bed.  As they are perennial that should cut down on the amount of work required.  The raspberries are coming on well but need to be tied in as they flop all over the path left to their own devises.  The hens are due to be cleaned out today following a trauma yesterday when I clipped their wings as my neighbour was complaining that they were getting on the fence.  Each hen has had the flight feather of one wing clipped which will unbalance them and therefore stop them flying.   Well that is the theory anyway!!! 

The weather this morning looks lovely the sun is shining and it is nearly 15ºC which is nice and comfortable.  Lunch today is a piece of pork loin which will be roasted and served with an assortment of vegetables and cold as sandwiches for supper.  If I get it all prepared now that should give me lots of time to spend on the weeds.  It also looks like a good day to get a head start on the laundry and the nets could use a wash so they may well find themselves in the machine.  

Anyway have a great day whatever you have planned and I hope that you too are sharing in this nice weather.
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