Sunday morning

Let's start with yesterday: it was a mixed day regarding the weather but as luck would have it I managed to get part of my weeding done while the sun shone.  Lunch was an easy affair as it was just a case of heating up the same meal as we had had the day before.  Even after this there was a big  chunk of ham left which I chopped into cubes and vac packed and put in the freezer.  No sooner had we finished lunch but the heavens open and we had a deluge of rain.  I really didn't mind as it gave me an excuse to give up in the garden and do a few other indoor chores.  We were very lazy and for supper we ordered in a shish kebab with pile of salad.  We are surrounded by take away restaurants all of which deliver to the door so it is very easy to be lazy and would be even easier to get really fat.  I don't feel too bad about the kebab at least it is grilled lean meat and salad which is not too bad.  
Mike had been to Aldi and had cleaned them out of the lovely sirloin steaks which are now in the freezer for our next treat.  We are currently inundated with eggs so I hard boiled 6 which will get added to either lunch or supper today.  I am thinking a hard boiled egg curry might be an option.

The weather today looks dismal and dull but it is at least dry therefore ideal gardening weather so hopefully I might get a bit more weeding done.  I am doing it in dribs and drabs so that I don't end up with backache and have to give up.  However, my first job of the day will be to get a loaf of bread underway and get the ironing out of the way.  I also need to get the pond filter cleaned, which is a job I really hate doing, so it tends to get left until it is desperate.  As you can see the fish are flourishing even with the rather poor treatment.  The wretched things keep breeding so the pond is getting fuller and fuller and we have far to many fish for the water.  You would think it would be a simple job to catch a few and give them away but it is not that easy they are quite skittish and you only get one chance before they all hide.

Well I can put if off no longer so I am going to get stuck into the ironing while the bread rises.  have a good day all.  

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