Sunday morning

Having a picnic

Yesterday was a day of laundry I got four machine loads out and dry ironed and put away.  The sleeping bags have gone to the launderette where they have big machines and can easily cope with them.  Mike was happy to do the shopping as he had been without the car for a week so while he was out I made some head way in the garden.  I potted up the chilian guava plant into a decorative pot and then moved on to potting up some globe artichoke plants into cardboard pots which I can eventually plant out pot and all.  The tomato seedlings which had got a bit leggy have been put into the window boxes so hopefully we will see some fruit later in the year. They are very late so I am not expecting anything until the autumn. Today I intend to get some gardening done in the vegetable plot which is looking a bit weedy as is the green house.  The hens were delighted to be let out of their small enclosure and flew up and down the run stretching their wings.  The garden has put on so much growth in just one week when you are here all the time you don't notice but go away for a week and boy can see the difference.

In the kitchen I made a cold soup for lunch with 2 cucumbers and a bunch of spring onions which I blitzed with the thermo and then added some chicken stock.  I passed the resulting green slush through a sieve and served it cold with some hot fried prawns by way of croutons.  It was OK but would have benefitted from some sour cream but I had none.  Supper was easy some pork chops with some pepper stew and a block of dauphinoise from the freezer.  

Today I am going to roast a chicken in the halogen oven as normal it is a nice quick and easy Sunday lunch and has the benefit of lots of left overs.  I will also need to check the bread situation as I may well need to get a loaf underway.  It is amazing how easily you let go of the reins of control in just a week and now I am having to get back up to running speed.  

Now here is a bit of good news after a year of trying and I can't tell you how many letters and phone calls and finally an official complaint we have managed to get the dates of James employment with the Met confirmed.  Now hopefully the insurance policy will pay out and he will have a bit of cash to live on.
Where did he go?

Sandie sent me this lovely picture of Yoda looking out of the van door.  Please note we put throws over the seating which is pale beige which is not that practical with dogs.  

Anyway onward and upward the sky is very over cast this morning still with a good breeze blowing but ideal for weeding.......

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