Saturday morning

Some times the gods smile on us and our holiday was one of those occasions.  We had wall to wall sunshine and climbing temperatures tempered with a cold breeze.   At times as the breeze blew the pollen from the forest trees could be seen in thick clouds.  The car looked as though it had been on the Dakar rally and the caravan windows appeared to have net curtains.  It doesn't show well in the photo but we had to wash the windscreen each time we ventured out.

We arrived on the Saturday having had a very nice ride up with no traffic problems and of course when we arrived everything was ship shape and Bristol fashion as I knew it would be.  Sandi and David had had a reasonable week and both their dogs were happily snoozing in the sun.  We had arrived early enough to go into Orford and purchase a few cakes by way of dessert to have with the shepherds pie I had made.  

After they left James and I unloaded the car and settled ourselves in.  James managed to tune the TV aerial in so that we had the full range of free view channels and we had with us about a dozen DVD's  so our evening entertainment was assured.  We actually did very little but eat, sleep and walk the dogs.  We had a couple of meals in the British Larder [highly recommended] and a couple of other pubs where they serve excellent food.  The Tassimo machine worked overtime with teas and coffees and hot chocolate for bed.  We were in bed by 10pm each evening and seldom up before 7am in fact one day James successfully managed 18 hours sleep.  He obviously needed it and gradually as the week wore on his hyper-vigilance gradually eased and I think he only had one night of nightmares so all good and healing rest.  Basso and Nip had a really good time and within a couple of days had decided that the whole forest was their garden.  Basso retrieved a deer skull from the forest which he brought to me and no matter how often I thought I had thrown it away he managed to find it again.  He also found a decent size stick to chew as you can see in the first photo.  Yesterday morning we were up by 6am and had packed a deposited the caravan back into storage by 10am.  After the fracas with the tow hook we detached it and left it with the caravan as that is the only thing we are ever likely to tow.  We had a clear run home and arrived shortly after 1pm which gave us time to unload the car and get the mountain of washing underway.  Dennie had been and the house was all tidy and clean so we set too and put things away it was only then that we discovered that I had left Basso's de-matting comb in the caravan so I guess I will have to order another one.  Supper was ordered on the telephone and then we were ready for an early night. 

Today the sky here in Kent seems a bit overcast and there is quite a wind blowing but actually ideal conditions for my laundry fest.  I will need to go shopping as I have nothing readily available for lunch or dinner. The hens will need a good clean out as they have been restricted to their small run for a week so I think they will be pleased to see us home.  A pile of plants arrived yesterday so I will have to deal with them today and get them potted on or into the ground.  All in all it looks like a fairly busy day but I am well rested so I can once more take up the reins of command.

Hope you have all had a good week while I have been away I must admit I have missed you........

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