Saturday morning

This morning I am a bit late but I have had to open all my cards and the good wishes I have received via the internet.

I had a lovely lunch yesterday in Tunbridge Wells at a restaurant called "MY WAY" it is very Italian.  I started with a plate of calamari fritti and followed up with saltimbocca alla Romana.  Then they produced a dessert with choux buns and tiramisu lashings of cream and chocolate sauce and a candle.  When I eventually got home there was a large vase of my favourite white lilies as a present from James.

The weather was really miserable with leaden skys and showers but today looks a bit brighter with some wind to blow the clouds away though at present we are still heavily overcast.

I have no plans for today other than to potter about doing just as I please.  I need to make a loaf of bread which I will get underway soon but other than that I have nothing in mind for food for the day.     I have an aubergine which may well end up as melanzane fritte which I love and for supper I fancy a Chinese take away.  So a day of minimum effort and maximum pleasure.  Well what else is a birthday for?

Have a good day all even if the weather is a bit mixed at least it is not cold!!!!


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