Saturday morning

First let ma apologise for angering the gods by buying a hose pipe so of course it is going to rain copiously.
This morning when I looked out you could be forgiven for thinking it was November it is blowing hard and raining.  This is of course just the weather to expect as I am due to go to a barbecue this lunch time.  As it is on the Lees Court estate fortunately they have a big barn so we should be in the dry no matter what the weather.  

Yesterday, was a fairly dull day with not much to recommend it.  However the postman brought  the wisteria I had ordered so I will try to get that planted this morning if the weather allows.  The website said 2-3 weeks for delivery but it was 2-3 days.  Fortunately, all is ready anyway so I will go ahead and get it in the ground as soon as possible.  I replanted the greenhouse with some flat leaf and some curly parsley which should keep me supplied over the winter.  

I have a list of jobs for Saturdays.  First it is chicken cleaning out day and then all the house plants get dunked and given a good drink.  The men are not invited to the barbecue so they have the remains of yesterdays shepherds pie for lunch and I have made the gnudi for supper so they are in their box of semolina waiting for a quick boil before dressing with lots of brown butter and crisply fried sage leaves.  I also made a loaf of bread which I have sliced and put in the freezer so I am now one loaf ahead and should be able to keep ahead of the game.  Once you have started to make your own bread it is quite hard to go back to the dreadful plastic bread they sell in supermarkets.  Last night for super we had boiled eggs into which we dipped spears of asparagus - what a yummy treat.  We then had a punnet of strawberries which had been macerating in the juice of half a lemon and one teaspoon of sugar.  It never ceases to amaze me what an incredible difference this makes.  I had some double cream which I whipped by hand with a ballon whisk into which a couple of ice cubes had been pushed [Simon Hopkinson tip] this kept the cream nice and cold and it whipped up very easily.

I normally try to get the washing done over the weekend but today is very definitely not a good day to start that.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit brighter and I can get it underway.  

The two crows who built a huge nest in a neighbours tree seem to have abandoned it and though both birds are still around they are not using the nest.  This leads me to believe that they are probably property speculators and are hoping to pass the nest on at a profit.  On the other hand the black birds are working their socks off collecting caterpillars and worms which is all good news for the garden.  As yet I cannot see any chicks in the nest but it is quite high up and I can only see the underside of it.  What was a bit of drizzle is now a full blown deluge which kind of puts the mockers on any outdoor activities and I will confine myself to the kitchen instead.

Have a good day if you can and I hope you get to see a bit of the sun between the showers.


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