Saturday morning

Iris sibirica which has now formed a reasonable clump and I am hoping to split it up later when it has finished flowering.  

Yesterday was a pretty miserable day weather wise and it was raining hard when I woke at 4am but I decided to go back to sleep and managed to sleep until 7.30, quite unheard of, but I do now have a banging headache for my trouble.  However, the sun is shining and the sky is clear so perhaps a day to get stuck in to the weeding that I have been putting off.  

The braised ham turned out really well and though I didn't have any Madeira I used Marsala instead which made for a most pleasing flavour.  It was cooked on a bed of carrot onion and celery after first being browned in some lard.  We had some slices hot with the sauce and some new potatoes but there is stacks left over so today I am going to have it cold with salad and the remainder will go into the freezer.  I have ideas of a chicken ham and leek pie at some point so the ham can go towards that.  For supper we indulged ourselves with a sirloin steak from Aldi.  It was well matured and looked particularly good.  I cooked it on the griddle pan for just a couple of minutes as we like our meat rare and believe me it was one of the best steaks I have had in a long long time.  They were £4.34 each which is £2 cheaper than from the butcher so cheap by comparison.  This is a treat that I am going to repeat.  We had the steaks with a simple tomato salad and a blob of mustard.  I have not bought meat from Aldi before but this was a very good experience.  I might add that the meat was British and 21 day air dry matured.  

I have a monumental pile of ironing which needs doing but that can wait I need to get out in the sun and make the most of this good weather.  Of course this is ideal growing weather with both sun and rain so not only will the plants do well but so will the weeds.  I must admit that now is the time I am glad we don't have any grass to mow.  

Well time is marching on and I m well behind schedule so it is time I got going.  Hope you too are enjoying the sunshine and getting out of the house....... 

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