Saturday morning

Well I am all set for another weeks holiday the big shepherds pie is made and ready to take.  Mike has enough food for an army so I don't think he will starve.  This morning I will give the hens a good clean out so they will be fine and only require food, water and the eggs collecting.  The weather looks a bit kinder so we may even see some sunshine. I have gone mad and packed a short sleeved shirt so I hope I am not tempting fate.  We are hoping to be away by 10am which will give us a clear 2 hour drive up to Suffolk.  Hopefully we will be going in the opposite direction to the traffic which will be heading to the coast if there is the merest glimmer of sun.  At the moment it is dull and overcast with a chilly wind blowing but as the sun comes up fully I hope that it will burn off and we should have a good day.  James has loads of DVD's for us to watch so we will not be short of entertainment.  

Yesterday we had a pigeon in the greenhouse and of course he couldn't find the open door or any of the open windows.  James tried to chase it out but foolishly it landed in the parsley and Basso did his stuff and pounced on him and duly handed him to James.  Many dogs will not touch pigeons as their feathers are very loose and come out in the dogs mouth.  Basso has no such qualms if it flies and has wings it is fair game and if it is on the ground it must be shot and needs to be retrieved.  He never kills the birds that is not his job it is given to you to dispatch if that is what is called for. Perhaps I should leave him on patrol in the vegetable garden.  However, with his great big feet and complete lack of understanding of growing plants that is not the best idea and he is usually banished.

We are taking both dogs with us and poor old Nip has not had a holiday in ages.  He is a bit of a cuss and will completely refuse to go for his evening walk once he has emptied his tank he will sit down and refuse to move.  In the past I have had to take him back to the van and then continue on with Basso who is always ready for a walk any hour of the day or night. Though having said that fortunately he is not an early riser and is quite content to lay in bed until I am ready to go out. Dogs have the most remarkably strong bladders and can do 12 hours easily, I wish I could!!!!

I will be pleased to be reunited with my handbag and all my tech gear it will be nice to have my phone and iPad back again not to mention my camera.  It has only been a week but you sure miss these things when they are not around.  James and I are taking no food with us and will have a foray to the shops this afternoon and stock up on goodies for supper/breakfast.  The railway station/butchers has a wonderful array of pies, cold meats and cheeses so we will not go hungry.

Well thats about it I will see you all again in a week hopefully with stories of a wonderful holiday.  


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