Monday morning

Yesterday was a peculiar day, weather wise, the wind was pretty fierce, one minute the sun came out then just as quickly it disappeared and down came the rain.  As the weather was so changeable we decided to walk the dogs in the woods and as luck would have it we made it without getting wet.  The new wisteria is planted with an entire bag of compost and a very good watering in.  I was shocked at just how dry the ground is.  The light sprinkles of rain have done nothing to wet the ground and the strong winds have dried everything.  I have started to plant out the artichokes but I still have plenty more to put out.  I did do my Sunday greenhouse chores which include giving the tomatoes a feed.  This is a once a week job so I have allocated it a day so that I remember.  Today I am hoping that with the wind but no rain I should get the laundry done in double quick time.

Yesterdays lunch was sirloin steak with a mixed salad and some lyonnaise potatoes and for supper I made a second batch of the gnudi but served them as dumplings in a chicken soup.  Today I have some chicken legs and thighs to play with and I am thinking of doing the thighs as Japanese chicken and the drum sticks in a sticky sauce, or maybe egg and crumbed and put through the oven.  I will continue to plant out the artichokes and hope to have them all in the ground soon.  As you can see from the photo, taken at dawn, the sage bush has gone quite mad and is flowering like crazy and the bees love it.  

There has been a bit of a disaster in our blackbird family. Yesterday saw the female dragging a dead chick up the garden,  Now, whether it was one of hers or some other fatality I don't know but she was moving it well away from her nest presumably to keep predators at bay.  The parent birds are still working hard taking great beak-fulls of caterpillars to the nest so I am assuming that they still have live chicks.  The nest is rather too high for me to see into so I am unable to check on their progress.

Well enough scribbling, time I got the first load of washing on and fingers crossed it will all dry in the wind.


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