Monday morning

Yesterday morning was very industrious the bread was made and the hens had a good clean out then it was on to the weeding and a fair amount of that got done too. I have a nice honeysuckle which has been struggling to get going as it gets completely swamped by next doors very vigorous climber which tumbles over the fence and cuts out all the light.  This year I have vowed to keep it under control and let the plants on my side have a chance.  To this end I have also given all the plants on that side a good feed with tomato fertiliser in the hope that they will make some progress.  I had decided to make a hard boiled egg curry for lunch which was nice and easy and left plenty of time for the other chores.   Some time ago I had lots of ginger and coriander which I decided to freeze rather like pesto.  I blitzed it with some garlic and a little olive oil and froze it in small containers.  Well I am glad to report that it works very well indeed and is really handy for any oriental style dish.  The base of the curry was largely onion and tomato with the addition of some spices my frozen oriental pesto and a couple of green chilies also from the freezer.  The ironing was accomplished and all put away.  Supper too was nice and easy as I had some venison burgers which we had grilled with some large halved tomatoes. 

Following on from Joys comment I often look longingly at the large fish and think they would do well on the barbecue but they would in fact be worth a considerable amount of money if I were to sell them and as fresh water carp I am not too sure if they would be worth eating.  They did however get the pump cleaned and some of the weed removed from the water to give the waterlilies a chance.  James was a great help and kept me company in the garden so the chores got done in double quick time.  

I had planned to go to the garden centre and look for a  few bit and bobs but as it turned out by the time we were all full up with curry the only thing we wanted was to flop down and rest so that got postponed.  Getting up early I tend to get the majority of my work done in the morning and then turn into a pumpkin in the afternoon.  I know that this is a bit of a strange way of living but it seems to suit my biological clock.  It is a case of getting on with things while I have the energy and the inclination both of which run out as the day wears on.

This morning there is no sun but heavy cloud covering the sky so I think we may be in for a few showers.  Actually this weather of mixed sun and showers is absolutely ideal gardening weather the temperature is just right neither to hot nor too cold so I am happy working for hours outside.  I may well get to the garden centre this morning as I am looking for some herbs to replace those which have run out of steam.  I normally plant parsley every year as it is biennial that way I have a constant supply but with all last years upheaval I forgot which means that I am now without any so that will have to be replaced.  My large leaf thyme didn't make it through the winter so that too could be replaced and then of course there is basil to accompany the tomatoes.   I have several very large pots and thought I might plant a courgette in each which will keep us supplied through the summer.  At this time of year the list of jobs in the garden seems endless but it is worth the trouble when you can just walk up the garden and collect the ingredients for a meal.

Have a good day all even if you have to go to work :(

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