Monday morning

This is a photo of the tent that I helped to erect.  The boys had spent an unsuccessful hour chasing it around the field in the wind.  The poor lads must have been mortified to have an elderly lady come and help them but at least it got put up rather than thrown back into the car and the holiday abandoned.  

Yesterday I had great plans to do a bit of gardening but they came to nothing by the time I had cleaned out the chickens I was frozen.  There was a very cold wind blowing and not a jot of sun to be seen.  Instead I returned to the kitchen and got on with bread making and getting the Sunday roast underway.  I made two lovely one pound loaves which meant that scrambled eggs on toast was on the menu for supper.

Today is our six monthly dental check so we are off to Maidstone to our dentist.  Given that we both have appointments and it is an hours drive away it is going to take up most of the morning.  However, I have plans for the left over chicken.  While we were on holiday we bought a pie which was filled with a layer of ham followed by a layer of chicken then instead of a pastry lid it had a layer of stuffing on top.  It was delicious and I though I would try to replicate it as I have all the ingredients bar the pastry but that wont take long to make.  As usual the chicken carcass is in a pot boiling to make stock and then the bones will be picked over to make a meal for the dogs.  I guess the weeds will just have to wait a day or two longer.  It is still very over cast here but the wind seems to have dropped a bit.  

The car got taken to the Albanians for a wash and it was no easy matter to get the sticky pollen off it but it is back to its former glory.  I am also waiting for a warm day to put Basso in his new bath and give his coat a bit of work.  The forest is full of tics from the deer and I removed several from him while we were there and he has been Frontlined so I hope he is now clear but the bath would be a good way of making sure.

Well that about it for today I had better go and make some short crust if these pies are to materialise.  Thanks for your comments Veena it is always nice to know that someone is reading this rather mundane diary.
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