Friday morning

Bluewater shopping centre

Yesterday morning was warm and muggy but Sandi and I made our way to Bluewater shopping centre where there is an Apple shop.  Her iPad had died, well needless to say one of the 12 year old assistants laid his hands on it and it burst back to life leaving us both feeling like idiots.  He did agree that there were some software issues but suggested that she back up her photos and any important things then make an appointment at the genius bar and they would wipe it clean and only put back software that was not causing problems.  We left feeling like dinosaurs and made our way to Lakeland where Sandi bought a few bits and, now hold on to your hats, I bought NOTHING.  We then made our way to M&S where I did my annual purchase of knickers!!! That done we were starving so we made our way to "Wagamama", the Japanese restaurant where we had a nice meal and then we made our way back home.  The men had been under their own steam for lunch and Mike had had a single shepherds pie and James had made himself some bacon and eggs.  

Supper last night was just a slice of venison liver lightly fried and served with crisp sage leaves and fried onions.  Sort of venetian style and very delicious it was too.  

James went to put the chickens to bed and on the way back he discovered the fledgling blackbird in the pond so he duly rescued it and we put it back near the nest for the parent birds to sort out.  Then it started to rain not heavily but fairly constantly which it has done on and off all night.  I have just been to look and see if the fledgling is OK an he has disappeared either the parents have retrieved it or a cat has had a good supper.  

Today I am due to go over to Shiona's house then on to an Italian restaurant in Tunbridge Wells.  This is by way of celebration as tomorrow I hit the big 65 and I will have to consider myself as officially OLD though I still feel about 40 in my head.  

Well that is about it for today I think I may go back to bed and see if I can't get a bit more sleep as I am feeling really tired.  Have a good one all 


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